The 2017 Gift Guide For Mom

This post contains affiliate links.  It's finally here! Today I'm sharing everything that mom is secretly wishing to receive this holiday season at so many different price points. This is the first of many, so check out all of our holiday gift guides here for ideas for kids/baby ages 0-10, dad and all the wellness enthusiasts in your life. Time to get shopping! 1. The Sentimental Bar Initial Necklace, Etsy, $29 I have bought this for a few moms on my list (not telling who!) and I'm obsessed! I've been doing inspirational gifts this year, so I got special words of encouragement stamped on some and initials on others - I don't think it gets sweeter than this! And it's a very modern necklace that can be worn everyday. 2. The Glam Earring, BaubleBar, $36 I'm loving big earrings right now and these just might be my favorites. This gorgeous color can be worn with anything and can even dress up a tee and leggings. Let mom add a little touch of glam to her everyday with these beauties. 3. Hello Gorgous Coffee Mug, Target, $6 This one is pretty self explanatory, but what mom doesn't want to start her day by drinking coffee out of this mug? And it let's her know with every sip, just how gorgeous you think she is! 4. The Perfect Mom Graphic Tee, Etsy, $21 No matter what your everyday looks like, we're all mom hustlers. She will want to wear this "wake, mom, hustle, repeat" tee every chance she gets (so maybe you should buy her two). 5. Air fyer For Low-Cal Merry … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide 2017 For Kids {Ages 8-10}

This post contains affiliate links.  Okay friends, we've come to the day you've probably been waiting for on our 2017 gift guide journey: those hard-to-shop-for 8-10 year olds. It's so hard to figure out what the heck they want and what they're really into. Sometimes their super opinionated and other times it's just hard to find the "right" thing for them. So today's guide will help you navigate and find the right gift for all these older kids in your life. If you want to read all of our holiday gift guides, check them out here and if you missed yesterday's guide for the 4-7 year old - check that out here! Happy shopping! 1. LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox I was introduced to this cool toy at an event in the fall and I can't even begin to tell you how awesome it is in person. It truly takes LEGO to a whole new level where kids can actually design their own robot and control it - this will keep them busy for hours while teaching them so many rewarding computer skills! 2. Cranium Game  This is great family fun and let's face it: anything to get them away from their video games at this age is pure gold! 3. Big Book of HOW I'm not sure about you all, but Branden has so many questions every single day and I don't always have the answers. This book will help them entertain all their curiosities about the world with the right answers. The perfect addition to your book shelf. 4. Razor A5 Lux Scooter This comes in so many different colors, so you can choose your … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide 2017 For Kids {Ages 4-7}

This post contains affiliate links.  It's so much fun shopping for kids in this age range! It's right before they are super opinionated about what they get (or want the really expensive stuff) and are excited about the holidays in such a big way. If you're looking for gifts for babies (ages 0-3), check out yesterday's gift guide here and if you want to see all of our fun guides, click here for the full list! Happy shopping! 1. Jenga This has truly been a family favorite since Branden was little. It's the perfect game to have on hand for rainy days or for game night alike and will keep the whole family entertained. 2. Retro Series Candy Land 1967 Edition Game You guys!! How cool is this? This is the version of Candy Land that most of us grew up with before it got an update and finding this under the tree will show your kids a little history lesson on Christmas morning - while still being just as fun. 3. VTech Kidizoom Camera Pix I just love this "toy" - because it really isn't a toy, but actually takes pictures. It's an easy way for kids in this age range to learn about cameras without the worry that they might break something more expensive. 4. Power Wheels Thomas & Friends, Thomas Train with Track  This is just way too much fun! Kids can actually hop on board and ride Thomas as they scoot around the house. You will see nothing beside pure joy on their little faces. 5. Fisher-Price Disney Junior Minnie's Happy Helpers This is so cute for play time … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide For Baby 2017 {Ages 0-3 Years}

This post contains affiliate links.  Let's be real here: there's not too much that a little, little baby needs, but once they hit one it's more about what can keep them busy for more than 5 minutes, right? Here's my official guide to shopping for babies ages infant through age three. Many of these items we have gotten Blake and other babies in our lives and they have been a huge success. And some things have just helped me keep my sanity! Please check out all of our gift guides here and if you missed yesterday's guide for mom, you can find that here - have fun shopping and leave a comment telling me what you bought! XOXO 1. Wooden Block Set I love a classic wooden block set and this one is exactly that, except targeted for younger kiddos. It's the perfect way to make play time more innovative and really get those imagination juices flowing. 2. Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle This is just perfection - especially if you love cycling yourself! It's a great way to keep them active indoors on chilly days and work on their motor skills at the same time! 3. Everything Is Mama Written by Jimmy Fallon, this book is too sweet not to share. Everything really is mama and this makes for the perfect bedtime read for your babe. 4. Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center As soon as your toddler is walking they're into EVERYTHING and this helps keep them contained in one place for at least a handful of minutes at one time (mom win!). It's super cute … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide 2017 For Dad

This post contains affiliate links.  Why are men always so hard to shop for? I'm not really sure. Maybe it's because they aren't quite as forthcoming about what they want as we are, which results in them getting things like hot sauce and dress shirts every year. Today, I'm shaking things up and really analyzed the hot gadgets, clothes and accessories that are topping dads list this holiday season. Check out our full list of every gift you need for everyone in your life here and get shopping! 1. The super luxe gym bag, AER Bags, $170 I promise you, dad wants a fantastic gym bag that is just as cool as the handbags that mom carries around - but in a very masculine way. This bag is it and he will totally thank you for the upgrade. 2. GoPro Hero 6,, $499 My husband bought this before our trip to Disney and it was a worthy investment. It's not just for guys who want to do everything active and outdoors, but takes amazing video memories on you and your family that you will be so thankful for! 3. The cool guy sunglasses, Superdry, $35 Dad wants cool glasses, too and these are so inexpensive and chic that he will be thrilled to find them in his stocking. 4. Fitbit Alta Special Edition, Nordstrom, $179 We all know that dad wants the latest in tech and this is the biggest wellness upgrade yet! The special edition Fitbit has up to 7 days of battery life and will let him know how intense his workouts are and more accurately how many calories he's … [Read more...]

Spreading Some Holiday Spirit

This post contains affiliate links. I feel like I can't have a thought these days that doesn't somehow tie into the holiday season one way or another. It's not necessarily a bad thing, it's fun actually, but all this preparation is enough to make you go a bit nuts some days, right? There's just so much prep work involved, gifts to buy, decorating to do and it can sometimes somehow get placed in the "work" category instead of the "fun" one. This year, I started planning a little bit early so that I was able to take a little bit of the burden off myself and was even able to do a little home decor update for the season with our friends from Minted. We started, as always with our Holiday Cards that we always get from Minted. They are widely know for their Ornament Holiday Cards which we love and actually sent out last year (you can check them out there!) and their gorgeous foil pressed cards, too (please keep scrolling for a code to save you some money when you make your purchase down below!) This year, we went with something more on the simple side because the message caught my eye and really stood out to me as a message I want to spread this year: just focus on the simple things. (And we also did Blake's birth announcements with them, if you need some ideas check out my post here!) I can't even begin to describe how many out takes we had when I took these, what I thought would be, simple pictures in our living room. But nonetheless, Blake didn't want to sit … [Read more...]

Styling Embellished Sleeves #MomStyleMonday

This post contains affiliate links.  Happy Monday friends! I hope that your weekends were filled with lots of spooky things. We admittedly did nothing this month for Halloween because we were away at Disney and then Chis had an army drill weekend, leaving us with not a ton of time to be festive. I know, whomp, whomp. So we did our best to squeeze some fun in yesterday, our only free day (so check all the fun out over on Instagram!) and then back to our Monday routine. If you missed last week's style post, I chatted about styling my new favorite white dress and denim jacket and this week it's all about a big fall trend: embellished sleeves. First things first, I got this great silk shirt from TJMAXX (c/o) and it's one of my favorite things hanging in my closet right now. My parents gifted me this Kate Spade wallet for my birthday and I'm loving all the fun colors. TJMAXX is one of my absolute favorite places to shop because they always have great value and amazing prices. They are highlighting some pretty big trends this season and I'm incorporating two of them into this look: //Velvet Vibes// //Frills// So when I'm yearning to dress up a little bit these days, which is often because I get sick of my frumpy bus stop pick-up outfits really quick - this is something that I turn to. These velvet leggings are from my friends at No Nonsense and they are so comfortable and fun to wear this season! My biggest takeaway for when styling embellished sleeve … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Quieting My Mind

  Things have been busy and a bit overwhelming lately, I'll be honest. As you guys know, in August, Chris was away for a full month of Army training out of New York, which let me alone with the kiddos and we've been pretty much moving on a hamster wheel ever since. Blake turned one, then we took a fun trip to Myrtle Beach in September as a way to re-connect after thirty days apart, then Branden started school and turned 9 (gasp!), and then after just a couple weeks of sorta getting a routine going, we took a very magical trip to Disney World. It's been a wild ride that I'm very thankful for, but I'm also a creature of habit and being out of whack with our routine has made me a little bit nutty. Apparently our little princess thinks it’s cool to stick her tongue out in photos 😝 lol. If you’re a @waltdisneyworld fanatic (like I’ve become), I’m sharing our trip recap over on the blog today through loads of pictures and a full video (which you can also check out on YouTube). We seriously can’t thank @chevrolet enough for this ✨ magical ✨(I find myself saying that word so much now lol) experience. #hosted #findnewroads 🚘 . . . . . . . . . . . #disneytrip #familytravel #travelblogger #disneylove #disneyworld #disneylife #disneymagic #disneyfan #epcot #kidtravel #momblogger #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodmoments #motherhoodthroughinstagram #motherhoodrising #mothering A post shared by Allison Cooper (@projectmotherhood) on Oct 24, 2017 at 9:07am PDT So now, … [Read more...]

Keeping It Clean

This is a sponsored post. Thanks for supporting Project Motherhood.  Busy doesn't even begin to describe this one as of lately. And then there are the temper tantrums that have started way earlier than I would have thought (or remembered from Branden). Maybe girls are just different? Either way, I try my hardest to make sure she's not sitting at home with me all day and so many of our days begin with a jog and some park play. Between this and making sure that we keep it clean by constantly following up with the Clean Label Project, I feel like I've got things covered day to day - in the health department, at least. The Clean Label Project is honestly your secret weapon of education as a parent. It's a nonprofit organization that's focused on health transparency in consumer product labeling. Their main goal is to reduce contamination in everything that we feed ourselves and our families and keep us educated when we're making shopping decisions. You all know how important living a healthy lifestyle is to me, so this is truly an amazing resource that we all should shed some light on. One of their biggest studies (that you can see above) is about baby food - something we're all too familiar with over here! These results honestly make me shudder, there's no much bad stuff even in the food that we think is the safest. I'd like to say that I was safer this time around with Blake, by incorporating a lot of homemade baby food, but to be completely honest we threw … [Read more...]

Our Magical Trip to Disney World {Video!}

This was a press trip hosted by Chevy. All opinions are my own. I still find myself saying "oh my goodness" about our magical Walt Disney World trip! And I've also never found myself using the word "magical" as often as I do now. But it truly was. If you've been following along on Instagram, I've shared a lot of stories giving our behind the scenes peaks at this amazing trip, thanks to the absolute wonderful team at Chevy, and now I wanted to share more about our trip with lots and lots of pictures and video because my written word can only scratch the surface. We got to our room at Disney's gorgeous Grand Floridian Hotel and had our Magic Bands waiting for us! This was taken our first night there, when we had a private dinner above the Chevy Race Track. Our friends at Chevy lent us a 2018 Chevy Traverse to drive from park to park and event to event and we're honestly contemplating upgrading to this bigger vehicle (as soon as we're out of the city)! It's so spacious, mama-approved, and luxurious that it's stolen our hearts. There are so many secret hiding compartments, hands-free opening and closing of the trunk - and special features for your teen drivers. We were driven to the Test Track for dinner and a private meet and greet with no other than Mickey and Minnie Mouse! Day two started out with a presentation from Chevy over breakfast and then a drive to Cape Canaveral where we got to spend some time at the Kennedy Space Center, then we drove back to our … [Read more...]