Probiotics For Babies

  It seriously felt like just yesterday we were bringing baby Blake home in her little baby carrier and now she is a babbling and scooting seven month old who desperately wants to be able to chase after her big brother. While I'm definitely not ready for that yet, one thing that has made a big change in her everyday life is the addition of solids to her diet. I will admit that I have completely been "that mom," so excited to introduce her to new foods that I probably didn't do it quite as gradual as I should have, resulting in some tummy troubles with our little one. Knowing what I know about probiotics and taking them everyday myself, I was curious if probiotics for babies existed and low and behold I found the best thing for her. Yes, probiotics for babies do exist! As soon as I noticed our little one having an upset tummy, too much gas and overall digestive issues, I turned to Upspring Probiotic + Colostrum Powder before anything else. Call it a mamas intuition or not, but because probiotics have been the saving grace for my tummy issues, I knew that it would help soothe her problems as well. Upspring Probiotic + Colostrum Powder helps to keep baby healthy through 5 billion active cultures per dose and 6 probiotic strains including Lactobacilillus and Bifidobacterium plus prebiotics. The colostrum provides complete range of antibodies for immune support and together this combination is something that I credit for our whole family rarely getting … [Read more...]

Today, I Felt Like a Bad Mom

  Today was one of those days. The kind where you're left wishing for a redo. Truth? Things have been tough with Branden lately. He's hating school this year and getting him up and out the door has been the ultimate challenge everyday (seriously, dealing with a whiny babe has been a piece of cake compared to this eight year old stuff lately). Third grade has been so focused on testing that teachers (despite conversation with them) are only focusing on testing materials. Translation: everyday is really boring for the kids. So I feel for him, but that doesn't mean that he gets to skip school. His hatred for school has resulted in poor behavior, like really bad behavior in school and on the bus and I know the poor boy needs a release but he's out the door from 6:50am- 5:15pm Monday-Friday making that difficult. So we're left with evening and weekends with our little guy and trying to figure out a common ground between punishing him and then rewarding him for good behavior and allowing him to burn off steam with activities. It's been an exhausting cycle. And of course there's the pit that's in my stomach everyday, worrying about getting calls from school. You know the ones I'm talking about. What did he do now? What not nice thing did he say this time? It's been rough to say the least. Things have gotten better, though, the past couple of weeks and it's starting to feel like we have finally kicked the bad behavior bug to the curb - and then this morning … [Read more...]

Packing Tips For Travel With Littles

***This post is sponsored by Carters and opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting Project Motherhood.*** Oh my goodness! We are currently en route on a quick, little family getaway and I can honestly say that packing for Blake was a completely different beast than packing for Branden. With them being so far apart in age, it's been quite a while since I've needed to pack for a baby and I forget how chaotic it can really be. Without some clear organization and packing tips for travel, you're kinda screwed. To prepare myself as much as possible, I made a stop at our favorite, Carters, and stocked up on pieces we needed for Blake + I have a whole list of things I learned along the way. (And psssst I also located a store near the hotel, where I will be picking up more pieces using the 25% off coupon I'm sharing if you keep scrolling!) Packing Tips For Travel Hold on to your credit cards mama's, because here's what you're gonna need when traveling with a baby or toddler. (Hint: you should probably also plan for extra space to pack it all.) 1. Make sure you have extra of the basics. There are so many things that I love about Carters, but I think my ultimate favorite is that they sell these ah-mazing multi-packs of everything - body suits, pants, shorts - all the basics that you need. Whenever you're traveling, most likely you don't want to be doing laundry everyday or don't have access to it, so these come in extra handy. Kids are messy and spit up a lot, so having a … [Read more...]

The Best Stroller For Travel

This post contains affiliate links.  There's simply no way to sugar coat it: becoming a parent means that you're going to be doing an awful lot of research. It pretty much comes with the territory and is essential because of how many baby products are on the market and the need to navigate towards what we are actually looking for and need for our littles. Well, I really hope that I'm able to take a load off your shoulders with all the research that I've done that has lead us to the gb Qbit LTE, seriously the best stroller for travel. (Yes, I'm giving one away, too!) First, you have already seen how we showed our love for the gb Lyfe Travel System - it's been amazing since the day we brought Blake home from the hospital. The stroller has been great for weekends away or when I travel into the city with Chris, but for times when I'm alone with the kids I needed to babywear to brave the NYC subways.  Since Blake has gotten so big (almost 19 pounds!), baby wearing started to kill by back, so I needed a stroller alternative that was lightweight and great for long trips strolling these city streets. Why gb Qbit LTE Is The Best Stroller For Travel For us, living in New York City means that I needed the best stroller for travel to be a part of my everyday. At this point in the game, if you're a parent, you know that gb is known for their Pockit, the worlds smallest stroller weighing in at only 9 pounds. This is a great umbrella stroller, but we opted for the Qbit … [Read more...]

Crafting With Wonderful Halos

  I really hope that you all followed along on my Instagram Stories this weekend, because we had the absolute best time crafting with Wonderful Halos at The Children's Museum of The Arts and I loved sharing our experience with you all! We have long been fans in our household of Wonderful Halos because they are such an awesome go-to, healthy snack for all of us (and I'm pretty sure I ate them by the bag while I was pregnant) that they are always in my shopping cart every grocery story order that I place. The fun thing about this event was that it took us quite a bit out of the box with our favorite halos and taught us fun ways to craft and snack - beyond just peeling and popping in your mouth (even though thats, still pretty awesome if you ask me). Branden is always looking for a creative outlet outside of his long school days, and I honestly never thought to turn to our refrigerator for some easy inspiration. Each child was given a box filed with craft supplies and encouraged to let their imaginations run wild. Pretty much every kids dream, if you ask me. Every single creation was unique and special.  And of course, the entire room smelled absolutely amazing because of all the Wonderful Halos hanging around every corner. Beyond the crafting, our senses were further enhanced with a beautiful spread of food that was nothing short of extraordinary. Seriously, even my picky little Branden filled his plate to the brim - twice, with his favorites and kept … [Read more...]

Crated With Love: The Ultimate Date Night At Home

  You guys: how hard is it to plan a date night once you become a parent? So hard! My Valentine and I haven't had a night out since my birthday back in October, so some alone time is truly in order. And while I love a little Netflix and chill, I've been yearning for some dedicated time just for us, so we tried out Crated With Love and are pretty obsessed with everything about it. For the ultimate date night at home... Crated With Love is the perfect date night and investment in your relationship - perfect to use after the kiddos go to bed ( babysitter required!). Crated With Love is a subscription box that contains everything you need for some fun with your partner. Each box has a fun theme and 4-5 activities that correlate with that theme, honing in on important relationship skills like communication, trust and teamwork - everything you ned to have a happy, healthy relationship. For us, we get so caught up in taking care of everything everyday that we often forget how important it is to make time for us, no kids included. Yes, family time is equally important in the Cooper household, but our relationship is the foundation of everything and if that's not strong then everything else crumbles. Honestly, I was so excited to get the opportunity to write about and experience something that was just for Chris and I. The health of our relationship is huge for us and we often neglect it because we get busy or tired or other things come … [Read more...]

I Broke Up With Breastfeeding and It Made Me a Better Mom

  It's time for me to get real with you all, so I have a confession to make: I broke up with breastfeeding. Yup, me and breastfeeding are no longer a thang. And you know what? I couldn't be happier. It's even made me a better mom. I know. Gasp. I'm sure the "breast is best" crusade is probably ready to come after me, but hold up and just let me explain. If you have followed along through my pregnancy and Blake's birth, you know that I had a very serious breastfeeding plan in mind. In fact, I was heart-set on making it work. You watched me share the products I was using to keep things going, special bras that helped make it a hands free experience for me when pumping, and even my favorite Boppy breastfeeding pillow (which I still love), but there was a lot more going on behind the scenes. The truth is that breastfeeding started consuming my life. I know that it is a commitment and I had prepared myself for that, but the stress of it all began to overwhelm me, take me away from everything else in my life, made me behind on work (work that my family and I need done to survive) and disconnected me from my husband and son. It got to be too much and Chris and I finally decided that enough is enough. First and foremost, I started at a disadvantage. Having a breast reduction when I was 17, I knew that there was a possibility that I only had so many milk ducts intact, so I knew that I would be supplementing to begin with, and I was okay with that. I didn't … [Read more...]

I Want More Days Like These

  On Friday, Branden took a (what we'll call) "mental health day." And I'm totally okay with that. Kids deserve them and need them just as much as we do as adults. I had been wanting to get to the Pixel Forest exhibit at The New Museum before it closed, and we finally did. (Check out some behind the scenes looks on my Instagram stories - it was a really cool exhibit!) Chris had the morning off, so he got up and watched the kids while I got my morning writing done, did all my invoicing, got dinner prepped in the crock pot, ran to the grocery store and finally - took a shower. It was truly magical all that I could get done by 11am whenever I wasn't interrupted. We had lunch and off to the museum we went, while Chris went in the opposite direction for work. It was nice to work that half day and get to spend the rest of the afternoon with the kids, being really present and focusing on this cool exhibit we were about to see. I felt like even though B wasn't in school, I was giving him a culture lesson instead.Then, I realized: I want more days like these. My truth lately is this: I'm struggling a little bit feeling like I should be doing more with my kids. I work from home, yes, my choice so that we don't have to pay for child care, but some days I feel like I yearn for more. I scroll through Instagram and see my friends who are out and about with their kids, constantly exploring the coolest offerings of our city and I wish I could be more present to guide … [Read more...]

Moving Forward

  I have to admit, I contemplated a bit about even writing anything about the new year at all. Everywhere I looked and everyone I talked to seemed to have nothing good to say about 2016 and are ready for 2017 to take the wheel. I, on the other hand, have conflicting feelings. Last year, I wrote about how we were hoping for change in our lives  and 2016 brought just that. Little did everyone know at the time, but when I wrote those words just one year ago, I was pregnant with our little Blake and already knew that change had arrived. Blake has been the biggest blessing and brought together our family in ways that I have never dreamt that she could. Our family is more connected now than ever and she was truly the puzzle piece that we all felt we were missing the second that she was born. Her smile lights up all of our faces and there is nothing that I love more in this world then watching Branden be a big brother and Chris now be a girl dad, too. They are the best father and son duo and I know that as long as I have this little family by my side that anything is possible. I'm excited about the future of the Coopers and know that if we continue to work hard, we will eventually reach our goals of moving out of the city and buying a home that we love. But, that will happen when it's meant to. I'm thankful for everything that 2016 brought in our lives and the word "change" certainly described just that. We in addition to expanding our family, Chris started a … [Read more...]

The Only Bottle For Our Babes

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Philips Avent. As always, opinions are my own.  When we first had Branden, now eight years ago, we were new parents swimming in a sea of bottle options. We went through quite a bit of the many, many brands on the market until we found one that was right for our little guy. Philips Avent was the answer that we had been looking for in those new moments of parenthood that made feeding so much easier. Fast forward to almost nine years later and we didn't even blink an eye stocking up on the Philips Avent Anti-Colic Bottle for little Blake. In fact, these are the only bottles that we will use for our babes. I shared over the summer how I attended a Philips Avent event with Sarah Chalke and got to hear her story about using these awesome bottles with her children, and definitely felt a camaraderie there. You can watch her video here and instantly see that you are in good company with Philips Avent lovers everywhere. When we had Blake, colic was definitely a worry, since we didn't deal with it when we had Branden. At about a month and a half old, it hit us like a ton of bricks and my husband and I were scrambling to find a resolution (and get some sleep, too). We turned to the Philips Avent Anti-Colic Bottle because Philips Avent is the #1 bottle brand and it helped create a better feeding experience for both us and Blake that lessened the screaming and lead to less gas, as it's clinically proven to reduce colic … [Read more...]