Celebrities With Apple Shaped Bodies

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Looking for a fashion icon’s style to mimic? These celebrities with apple shaped bodies have style worth following.

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Photo Credit: Flickr

Celebrities With Apple Shaped Bodies

We decided to expand our usual clothing guide focus to have a look at celebrities with apple shaped bodies – perfect to keep in mind as we shop our shape! Sometimes it can be difficult to look at a graphic or descriptive of the different body shapes and really be able to grasp which category you fit into. For more visual people, turning towards the celebrities that are on our radar (whether we like to admit it or not) can play a big role in successfully dressing for our body shape and using its sound principles to our best advantage. And we see these celebrities with apple shaped bodies rock so many different style all over the media and I think it’s great to copy their looks!

If you are like me and have an apple body shape, pay close attention to our favorite celebrities with apple shaped bodies to watch for style guidance as they totally rock their shape. (Hint: you can shop their looks below each image – we took the guesswork out of it for you!)

1. Jennifer Hudson

I think that most apple gals (or ya know…just women in general) can relate to the weight fluctuation that stunning Jennifer Hudson has gone through, and  in the public eye, no less! She has totally come out on top and looks absolutely amazing each and every time she is photographed, always wearing sleek and chic pieces that are perfectly proportioned to her apple body. She is definitely someone to add to your “celebrities with apple shaped bodies” list – so keep a close eye on her! She will show you how to easily dress in styles that everyday women can wear flawlessly, and do so without a stylist!

 2. Drew Barrymore

There is just something magical to me about the beauty and energy that Drew Barrymore brings anytime she enters my television screen. I often imagine that she and I could be friends – shopping for apple shaped body clothing, together! Though it’s true that sometimes her style can be a little bit off, like when she is pregnant, but whenever Drew hits the nail on the head with fashion, you know it!


Photo Credit: Flickr

3. Angelina Jolie

It can be hard to believe that someone so slender as the very beautiful and exotic Angelina Jolie could be an exact fit for an apple shaped body, but she is! This just goes to show that being an apple shaped body doesn’t mean that you are heavy or carting around a forever muffin top in your mid-section – apple body shapes can be tall and slim as well, and, as Angelina so clearly shows us, it’s all about the way that you dress that silhouette!


Photo Credit: Flickr

Looking for more celebrities with apple shaped bodies goodness? I’ve got everything an apple body shape could want right here:

If you enjoyed this week’s dressing for your body shape #celebstyle version, I know you will enjoy all of our many tutorials that help you shop your shape, no matter what your shape is! Our Dressing For Your Body Shape Archives feature everything from denim, wide leg pants, skirts, and more!

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Which celebrities with apple shaped bodies style are you copying? Who is your favorite celebrity to follow?

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  1. Loved this blog! What a great way to show good style for different body types. I am a wardrobe consultant and a blogger for women’s self-image and fashion. Loved This!

    • Allison Cooper says:

      I love hearing that Kathy! There are so many different body shapes and its hard to always identify ourselves with these very specific descriptions – celebrities come in all shapes and sizes, too!

  2. I’m an apple-shaped blogger and I would say Melissa Mccarthy is more of an apple shaped celebrity than Angelina Jolie. You can still look stylish as an apple even though there are no (or very few) celebrities to copy.


    • Allison Cooper says:

      Hi Julia! I am an apple shaped blogger, too and even though Angelina Jolie is on the slimmer side, she is still a true apple shaped lady.

  3. Catherine Zeta Jones is an Apple Shape as well.

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