Celebrities With Pear Shaped Bodies

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Discover the celebrities with pear shaped bodies that rock their body shape! We’ll show you how to copy their looks and walk the runway of your life.

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Photo Credit: Flickr

Celebrities With Pear Shaped Bodies

Last week, we featured Drew, Jennifer, and Angelina, this week we are moving onto the celebrities with pear shape bodies! Again, it’s so great to keep these shapes in mind whenever starring yourself down in the mirror while shopping. I can’t stress this enough – just because you fit into a certain body shape, doesn’t mean that your body can’t be different – or fit into a couple different categories. The celebrities that we know and love deal with the same obstacles!

Time to discover the shopping tricks of the celebrities with pear shaped bodies that we know and love!

 1. Beyonce

Finding a picture of our beloved Beyonce not in a red carpet gown was a challenge – but an obstacle I was willing to overcome! I love seeing a celebrity dressed down in their “day clothes,” being casual and true to their personal style. This look shows how pear shaped Beyonce likes to show off her pear curves and truly flaunt her assets!

2. Kelly Clarkson

I LOVE Kelly Clarkson and have enjoyed seeing her find her true self over the years. I feel like we were really able to watch her go from dressing in clothing that her record label wanted her to, to truly defining her own personal style. Then, this year whenever she became a mom, we got to see her maternity style and how she evolved back to rocking her pear shape through motherhood. She just seems like one of those “friend in my head” celebrities and fun to be around. I know this is an event shot, but I think its a great depiction of how she knows her silhouette! Plus, its a fun party dress to shop for this season! Kelly Clarkson is hands down one of my favorite celebrities with pear shaped bodies.


Photo Credit: Flickr

Shop our celebrities with pear shaped bodies looks:

If you enjoyed this week’s dressing for your body shape #celebstyle version, I know you will enjoy exploring the apple shaped celebrities of last week!

Are you a pear body shape? Who is your favorite celebrity to follow?

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  1. As the resident Pear Shape of Project Motherhood, I am THRILLED with this post! A true self esteem booster that serves to remind any women, especially us pears, that we all have assets to be proud of!

    Thank you, Allison! (And Beyonce and Kelly!)

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