Copying The Hourglass Body Shape Celebrities Style

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Looking to the hourglass body shape celebrities can be a really inspiring way for knowing how to both dress and shop your shape!

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Photo Credit Flickr

Copying The Hourglass Body Shape Celebrities Style

Well, here we are after a little “dressing for your body shape” hiatus and back in action with our last of the #celebstyle installment – celebrities with the hourglass body shape! I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season and are getting ready for a fashionably new year! Still not sure what to wear to your upcoming party? We have got you covered with our Chic Guide to the Best New Years Eve Dresses!

Anyways, our last body shape in this installment is that oh so coveted hourglass body shape in all its curvy glory! To be completely honest, I have decided NOT to feature one of the most popular hourglass body shape celebrities,  Kim Kardashian, because I just don’t usually love her style and what she stands for much of the time. I also only truly admire people who work their asses off to get to a point of great success – without undressing. #EndRant

 So read on to see who made the cut and how to copy their effortless style!

Today I’m sharing two of my favorite hourglass body shape celebrities who rock their curves and truly know how to dress their shapely figures – or they just have really amazing stylists!

Christina Hendricks

Remember this curvy actress from Mad Men? I LOVE her and her style – she rocks it no matter where she is! She knows how to dress with her body and turn an everyday dress into something truly spectacular. I love this monochromatic, basic cotton dress and how it flows over her hourglass shaped and looks flawless!

Scarlett Johansson

hourglass body shape celebrities -scarlett-johansson

Photo Credit: Flickr

I know that you can’t see her whole body in this image, but Scarlett Johsnsson is another great celeb that loves her curves and flaunts them instead of hiding them. This outfit is casual, but shows just how sexy a basic tweed blazer with a little bling strung through can be!

Shop the hourglass body shape celebrities looks:

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