Celebrities With Rectangle Body Shape

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Celebrities with rectangle body shape are taking center stage together to give you some inspiration and guidance as your approach your holiday style.

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Photo Credit: Flickr

Celebrities With Rectangle Body Shape

While it’s important to make sure that we are dressing for our specific body shape year round, giving us the best fit in each clothing category, it becomes increasingly important during this time of year. Why, you ask? Holiday = pictures – lots of them! Pictures coming from all angles at every event! Don’t tell me that you haven’t noticed people whipping out their cameras to take pictures “because it’s the holidays”?

And then there is the added stress that people are snapping away and sometimes a part of us ends up in pictures we weren’t meant to be in. Each year there are mass photos uploaded to Facebook from our huge family Christmas Eve celebrations, and I always find myself saying things like “there’s my arm” or “what the heck was I doing there?” Make sure to have yourself in check, pulled together, and hopefully never caught at a bad angle. So, if you have a rectangle figure, look towards these celebrities with the rectangle body shape for some inspiration to rock your shape and look good in your photos, too!

Tips to copy these Celebrities With The Rectangle Body Shape

While the rectangle body shape brings envy from many – after all, they have an up and down figure that makes them pretty much able to throw on whatever they want to their skinny bodies and look great! But, there comes a challenge with that as well – shedding light on their almost non-existent feminine curves. Today we are featuring two of my favorites in the celebrity world that will show you rectangles how it’s done! I’m love the everyday style of two celebrities with the rectangle body shape: Cameron Diaz and Sheryl Crow!

1. Cameron Diaz

While there are so many alluring and sexy pictures of her from various magazine covers, photo shoots, and movies, I chose this casual look because this shows Cameron as her true self. Whenever she can, she throws on some jeans (denim on denim being one of my personal favorite styles!), and heads to Starbucks, which reminds me of pretty much every woman that I know! Cameron’s got it all right by accenting her assets with some skinny jeans and making sure her denim jacket hits at just the right spot on her hip to highlight some curves.

 2. Sheryl Crow


Photo Credit: Flickr

I’ve been a fan of Sheryl Crow’s music for as long as I can remember and absolutely love that she is channeling her inner leather lover in this rocker babe look! I seriously can’t stress enough for ALL WOMEN who love leggings – don’t be afraid of a leather/faux leather pair – they are wardrobe changing! It’s not the clearest picture, but Sheryl creates some curves for herself by wearing a simple black shirt that criss-crosses in the front and then finishes the look off with a curvy tuxedo blazer instead of a regular, more boxy one – smart thinking!

Get the look of these celebrities with rectangle body shape:

If you enjoyed this week’s dressing for your body shape #celebstyle version, I know you will enjoy exploring the strawberry shaped celebrities of last week!

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Are you a rectangle body shape? Who is your favorite celebrity to follow?

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