Our Newborn Portrait Session With Christina Marotto Photography

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You guys…life has been a little bit rocky lately. This current weekend and the weekend before, Chris has been out of town for four days at a time. Being at home with these two has been exhausting. So whenever I saw these pictures arrive in my inbox last night, it totally perked me up and I beamed from ear to ear. In fact, I’m still smiling because we had such an amazing experience with Christina Marotto Photography and are overjoyed about all these special memories we now have from our newborn portrait session. Drum roll please…



It’s all about the experience whenever you’re working with Christina. From the second that you book your session, she makes sure that you know how important your wants and needs are from the session so that she can create not only these beautiful memories, but gorgeous pieces that will hang in your home for many, many years to come.




As you can see, pink and navy are totally my jam when it comes to this little girl. They were the colors that we chose for her bedding and also the colors of the outfit that she wore when she came home from the hospital. So whenever I filled out my client questionnaire (so that Christina knows how to cater her props and setting to you) I made sure to share that info with her. She totally carried my color scheme out in the sweetest way imaginable.



We also wanted to make sure to get some special Daddy and daughter military pictures since this really is a big part of our life and are simply in awe of the way these turned. Little Blake at only five days old fit perfectly into her Daddy’s helmet.



I bet you’re wondering how I look so glamorous and well rested just five days after giving birth, right? We’ll I’ll share a little secret with you: Christina has her glam squad waiting for me at the shoot. Nope, she didn’t roll out the red carpet treatment just for me, this is a service that is built into her sessions. I think that all mamas can understand how amazing it is to have that waiting for you when you are so new to being up all night and trying to pull yourself through the day. Getting your family ready for a portrait session can be overwhelming and we always put ourselves last, so it was truly magical to get to the Christina Marotto Photography studio in Brooklyn and have this all waiting for me. Can you say perfection?



After your portrait session is over, she narrows down some selections for you and puts together a beautiful video that literally made me tear up – I felt every emotion possible while watching. We went through all of her ordering options together (she has so many great ones to choose from it was tough to narrow it down). But not only does she goes through her products,  she helps you figure out what will look great in your home.



Once your gorgeous pictures have arrived, Christina hand delivers them herself and helps to place your new products where they look the most beautiful. It really is a special moment that celebrates something so momentous in your life.



I couldn’t have been happier with our experience with Christina Marotto Photography, because it was just that – an experience. I seriously feel all the feel as I look at each image because not only did they turn out more perfect than I could ever imagine, but they really have each emotion shining through. Even though we have had many sleepless nights since bringing this little girl home, we are all still glowing and in a happiness coma having her in our life.

If you live in the New York Metro Area, I couldn’t recommend Christina Marotto Photography anymore – she’s the best!

Fashionably Yours,



  1. Jill Myrick says:

    These are just gorgeous ! What a beautiful family you have.

  2. Absolutely adorable! Lovely photos of a beautiful family. Congratulations!

  3. Lorraine Somma says:

    Gorgeous photos of a beautiful family. So happy for you.

  4. mary beth katic says:

    These are so unique and so special, not just your typical newborn photos! Beautiful family!

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