Apple Shaped Women: A True Confession

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Apple shaped women have it tough in the clothing department and I’m sharing my true confessions today about how I shop for my apple shaped body plus my secrets!

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Apple Shaped Women: A True Confession

Let me preface first by saying that every-body has a different story to tell–no matter which body shape category you are grouped into. Not every silhouette follows “the rules” and most certainly is not perfect. You will have your trials and tribulations no matter which shape you have. Mine happens to be the apple shaped, so I completely feel a camaraderie with all of you apple shaped women. My biggest hurdle though will always be that I carry extra weight in the middle – and this is my story.

For me, I struggle every single day with my body and probably always will. The biggest struggle was during high school, when I still really didn’t know how to dress for my body shape, was struggling with extra weight, and had friends and family all pointing me in the direction of buying a size up to “cover” the belly. (I still cringe whenever I see my senior prom pictures.) I was always active, but for some reason just could never drop that extra 15 pounds that I really needed to lose.


I found out I was pregnant with Branden during the time in my early twenties whenever my body was just starting to agree with my efforts and I was losing some weight. Whenever Branden came along, I only gained 17 pounds during my pregnancy due to extreme sickness, and then somehow managed to drop that plus an extra twenty-five pounds after he was born. While this is not typical, I did have him while I was very young, so it was all part of my journey of learning how to dress for my apple shaped body and work with it instead of against it.

My biggest struggle today is that I feel that I am in that horrible “skinny-fat” category (Yes…it’s a thing!), where even though I am a small size 6 with skinny legs, I am short and my mid-section has that extra weight that makes me appear heavier than I actually am. It can be very frustrating and a great deal of the time I spend fearing that people looking at me are wondering “Is she pregnant or what?” Rather than admiring my style, which they may be, I just happen to be in a constant state of worry. One of my biggest tips is that I almost always wear a seamless cami (like this one from SPANX that doesn’t squish my boobs or this one from Maidenform) underneath all my clothes, which helps to smooth my midsection out.

So what is my apple shaped women confession?

I confess that I struggle to be confident in my apple shaped body every day of my life. I spend more time worrying than I should, and am by far my biggest critic. I think that almost all apple shaped women can relate to those feelings and it’s all about pushing through them on a daily basis to be the best versions of ourselves.

Tips for the apple shaped women:


While I worry about the way I am perceived in my apple shaped body, there are some things that I have learned since high school that have helped me overcome my lack of confidence and help me feel a bit better about my shape.

  • Manage your weight. I’m sure you read that statement and thought “ouch,” but I’m not here to sugar coat things. Apple shaped bodies need to make sure they are always keeping an eye on their weight by eating healthy and being active. Obviously this goes true for every body shape, but for us apple ladies, every single extra ounce all goes straight to the middle!
  • Love your layers. I start every outfit with a seamless, spandex camisole–it doesn’t need to be SPANX, my favorites come from Victoria’s Secret. Then over that goes the shirt I’m wearing that day, then often a cardigan and a belt–it’s a very flattering look on us apple ladies!
  • Shop with a friend you trust. It’s interesting because, while there are a lot of things that don’t look great on the apple shaped body, there are also a lot of clothing items that you wouldn’t think would be flattering that actually are. So, take a great friend shopping with you and plan out a chunk of your day for trying things on. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zones from time to time. (I finally did with maxi dresses and now am obsessed!)

Looking for more apple shaped women goodness? I’ve got everything an apple body shape could want right here:


Okay, are you one of us apple shaped women? What’s your confession? (Like I said, we all have issues, but here at Project Motherhood we understand these things!!!) I wish that I had a million tricks to pass on, but so much of it all just boils down to knowing how to dress for your body shape and using that information to your advantage.

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  1. Different issue for us older gals. Like my compatriots, I now have a “meno=pot”, a gift of menopause. This extra roll around the middle is kind of a shocker for an old dog learning new tricks on how to dress with excess. More to love ??? My solution is to wear brighter lipstick as a distraction. Keep laughing girls.

  2. I feel like everything you just wrote describes me and my body to the “T”! One of my biggest frustrations is finding pants. Like you I am short, have skinny legs, and carry my weight in my mid section. I usually wear size 6 as well but it is frustrating because a size 6 will fit my legs and hips great, but is rather snug around the waist. In a size 8 the legs and hips are too big, but the waist fits. It’s a big challenge for me! Confession… I rubber band my jeans a lot!

    • Allison Cooper says:

      I love your confession Sara! It’s so true, its hard whenever you are an apple and in that in between size! I’s the worst–but once we know how our bodies look in clothes, we are better able to navigate shopping!

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