Cover It Up!

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While many people are looking for opportunities and excuses to really “show it all off” at this time of year (those being the ones with all the time to hit the gym!), others like me are looking for ways to cover it all up, but fashionably of course! I still want to get some sun on my skin and get a great tan working for me, but this summer I’m not so confident about baring it all for the world to see. After all, walking around in a bikini is essentially equivalent to walking around in your underwear, and sometimes I’m not even so comfortable seeing myself in just that!

So with my strapless J. Crew one piece in my drawer, I will be ready to take on this hot weather as soon as I find some great cover-ups that I feel confident in, without keeping the sun away from my entire body. I also love cover-ups that can double as clothing items and can easily work themselves into part of your wardrobe while you are away on vacation. So, whether you are feeling the same as me, or are ready to rip the cover-up off as soon as your toes hit the sand, these are great summer options!

Romper: $159

Romper: $159

Embroidered Tunic: Victoria's Secret $69.50

Embroidered Tunic: Victoria’s Secret $69.50
Diane von Furstenberg

Diane von Furstenberg

What is your favorite cover-up and why?

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