Crafting With Wonderful Halos

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I really hope that you all followed along on my Instagram Stories this weekend, because we had the absolute best time crafting with Wonderful Halos at The Children’s Museum of The Arts and I loved sharing our experience with you all! We have long been fans in our household of Wonderful Halos because they are such an awesome go-to, healthy snack for all of us (and I’m pretty sure I ate them by the bag while I was pregnant) that they are always in my shopping cart every grocery story order that I place. The fun thing about this event was that it took us quite a bit out of the box with our favorite halos and taught us fun ways to craft and snack – beyond just peeling and popping in your mouth (even though thats, still pretty awesome if you ask me).

Branden is always looking for a creative outlet outside of his long school days, and I honestly never thought to turn to our refrigerator for some easy inspiration. Each child was given a box filed with craft supplies and encouraged to let their imaginations run wild. Pretty much every kids dream, if you ask me. Every single creation was unique and special.  And of course, the entire room smelled absolutely amazing because of all the Wonderful Halos hanging around every corner.

Beyond the crafting, our senses were further enhanced with a beautiful spread of food that was nothing short of extraordinary. Seriously, even my picky little Branden filled his plate to the brim – twice, with his favorites and kept coming up to me and saying, “mom, you gotta taste this,” time after time. Some of our favorites were the chocolate dipped Wonderful Halos (I ate so many that I booked an extra spin class this week – oops!), the bruschetta (with halos, of course), smoothies and what seemed like apple cider, but was made with Wonderful Halos.

I left pretty impressed and also inspired to step up my mom game.  Time to get crafty with my kiddos and try something new in the kitchen using an ingredient I know the whole family will give a thumbs up to!

What’s your favorite was you eat your halos?

Fashionably Yours,


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  1. I’m totally making those chocolate covered Halos now! YUM!

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