Is Shapewear Dangerous? (And Where to Find Inexpensive Shapewear)

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Wondering: is shapewear dangerous? While we love looking thin without the extra effort, shapewear can have harmful effects on our bodies if worn too long – here’s where to find inexpensive shapewear, too!

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is shapewear dangerous

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Is Shapewear Dangerous? (And Where to Find Inexpensive Shapewear)

Being busy moms means that we don’t always have time to get to the gym. I know that some will argue that we have to “just do it” and “not make excuses,” right? But I will argue right back that some extra morning cuddles are better for the soul than any workout in the entire world.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good run, but I wouldn’t call myself an athlete or fitness guru by any means. Which, obviously leads me to my love affair with shapewear! This stuff has been pretty much a miracle in my life when preparing for a big event and could use some of the extra inches to be sucked in.

Now, it’s one thing to wear this stuff every once in a while for a special evening out, but wearing it every day as a replacement for actually working on our bodies and making the extra effort to lose baby weight is a big no-no! Wearing tight shapewear for long periods of time can be detrimental to our health and cause dangerous side effects.

Shapewear: Its Harmful Side Effects

• Due to the tight material used to construct shapewear items, such as SPANX, our stomachs, intestines, and colon can become harmfully compressed. This can directly result in heartburn or acid reflux. In addition, your digestive track can  become compacted, leaving you feeling bloated all evening. (Totally the opposite of skinny!)
• Wearing full pieces of shapewear that go all the way up to your chest and cover your diaphragm can be harmful to your breathing and make your breaths very shallow. Many times whenever this happens, it results in anxiety and panic attacks in those who are wearing it, which is by far one of the most common side effects.
• One of the more visual negative tendencies of shapewear is that it can lead you to develop varicose veins when worn tightly around the thighs, or even more dangerous, blood clots.
• Because of the tightness of the shapewear and lack of air ventilation, the surface of your skin becomes a breeding ground for disgusting germs to grow…yuck!
• Lastly, you may also notice numbness in your extremities, called meralgia paresthetica, which can sometimes cause great pain.

Where to find inexpensive shapewear

Overall, be mindful whenever slipping into your shapewear to smooth out any unwanted love handles. Don’t wear it too long, and speak with your doctor whenever you are pregnant and feel yourself pulled towards the Mama SPANX. Maybe hitting the gym or cutting back on sweets doesn’t sound so bad after all?

A version of this article was originally published in Mommy Nearest Magazine.


  1. I wore some shape wear on Mother’s Day. It was horrible! I have decided that instead of forcing myself into clothes that don’t look right on me without shape wear, I will be wearing clothes that flatter me without it. Great post! Women should start paying attention to the fact that we have some ridiculous beauty standards that could use some change.

  2. Wow! I knew some but true those all are. Want to know one really smart reason to use them..? After a pregnancy.. especially a c-section. A not-too-snug-fit figurewear underwear supports your incision, keeps the tummy in, your spine straight and helps keep that postpartum bach ache away. But as you said, should be worn for only a few hours.
    Nice read… hopping from SITS.

  3. just more reasons for me not to wear these things! Thank you, i think they are so uncomfortable!

  4. I had read about this before- it is scary! It is very tempting to whip out the spanx though, I am not going to lie- I have a pooch since my daughter was born;)

  5. I have yet to purchase one even though I”ve been thinking about it. Thank you so much for sharing this with us at #BeautyBuzz link up !!! See you next week 🙂


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