Crated With Love: The Ultimate Date Night At Home

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You guys: how hard is it to plan a date night once you become a parent? So hard! My Valentine and I haven’t had a night out since my birthday back in October, so some alone time is truly in order. And while I love a little Netflix and chill, I’ve been yearning for some dedicated time just for us, so we tried out Crated With Love and are pretty obsessed with everything about it.

For the ultimate date night at home…

Crated With Love is the perfect date night and investment in your relationship – perfect to use after the kiddos go to bed (ahem…no babysitter required!). Crated With Love is a subscription box that contains everything you need for some fun with your partner. Each box has a fun theme and 4-5 activities that correlate with that theme, honing in on important relationship skills like communication, trust and teamwork – everything you ned to have a happy, healthy relationship.

For us, we get so caught up in taking care of everything everyday that we often forget how important it is to make time for us, no kids included. Yes, family time is equally important in the Cooper household, but our relationship is the foundation of everything and if that’s not strong then everything else crumbles.

Honestly, I was so excited to get the opportunity to write about and experience something that was just for Chris and I. The health of our relationship is huge for us and we often neglect it because we get busy or tired or other things come first. And while we won’t ever be the couple that has the time to go out twice a week for dinner, we do have time once a month to invest in a Crated With Love experience. I just love how this is conducive to the everyday lives of married couples that want to make time for each other, but don’t always have it. So, opting for a date night at home is simply perfection.

And I’ve got a Crated With Love discount code…

You know you want to try it on your own and now you can for a discount! Here’s how it works: Receive 50% off your first box using DATE2017, 60% off first box of a three month or six month, and 80% off first box of one year. Valid for subscription boxes only.

So if you failed at getting each other Valentine’s Days gifts this year, invest $19.99 a month (ahem, discount code above!) in yourselves and check out this amazing tool.

And of course, Happy Valentine’s Day – share that love!

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***This is a sponsored post. Thanks so much for supporting Project Motherhood!***

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