Defying Gender Stereotypes #MomStyleMonday

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I never thought that the words “defying gender stereotypes” would ever cross my lips, but here we are in 2017, with a little girl who I want to know every single day that she can do everything that her older brother can in this world. As far as we’ve come, women are still at a disadvantage when it comes to equal pay and the way we are under a microscope for everything that we do. I think that as parents of this upcoming generation, we hold a lot of the changing power in the palms of our hands and that a little bit of daily affirmations and encouragement can go along way – for both genders.

These kids live in their tees year round and to be honest, I’ve done away with onesies for Blake for a while (anyone else hate snapping those a much as me?). I love pulling a cute tee over their heads and taking on whatever the day brings. These tees, that I strongly feel are helping us defy gender stereotypes are from our friends at Scout & Indiana where you can shop all kinds of cute products with awesome messages.

You probably saw Branden’s “bomb like mom tee” featured last week when I worked with Hefty and I couldn’t help but feel it expressed the message of that campaign to the fullest extent: moms are strong, just like dads and it’s totally okay for boys to want to grow up and be tough in life just like their mamas. You can shop Branden’s tee here (c/o Scout & Indiana).

This little one has been on the move since about 10 months (which you’ve seen if you follow my Instagram stories) and I know that it has something to do with having an older brother to chase after. Whenever she was first born, I was flooded with so many emotions and had so many lessons I wanted to teach her as well as things I was worried I would pass on. But as each month has gone by and I see her thrive with a very strong willed, assertive personality –  and I know that my lessons are reaching her. Her tee, “rad like dad” (that I shared a sneak peak of yesterday on Facebook) bare’s the message that women can aim to be like their dad’s too, not just their moms. And it’s important to me that it’s instilled in her right from the start. Shop Blake’s tee (c/o Count & Indiana) here. 

And I can’t end this post with saying how proud I am of this kid. As most of you know, my husband is away for army training for the whole mont of August and it’s tough to be in the city by myself. But Branden has been such an amazing help and the best big brother around. I couldn’t get through these weeks without his help everyday and I’m so, so thankful for that.

How do you defy gender stereotypes?

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  1. Cute tees! Definitely love that they are avoiding the “norm” & going ahead with how society is changing. Gotta look for some tees for my big man.

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