DIY Peppermint Lip Scrub

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This peppermint lip scrub is so easy to make that you will probably find yourself quadrupling the recipe to make sure that everyone in your life gets one under the tree this year – even the guys!


DIY Peppermint Lip Scrub

Like I mentioned earlier this week, I’m always looking for easy DIY projects that are simple enough for me to make, because I just don’t have those skills that make everything look pretty. I shared our wine cork Christmas ornaments that have been a big hit for us to hand out to grandparents and friends this season and today I wanted to share something that the people you love will really adore receiving his holiday.

This completely diy peppermint lip scrub is seriously easy and works so well to help combat dry winter lips. Keep it in your bathroom or by your bed for nighttime use and you don’t even have to worry about your kids getting into it because it’s completely edible and I’ll admit – delicious tasting, too! The recipe below is enough for 2 gifts.


Ok friends, who is ready to get their crafting on with me and make this diy peppermint sugar scrub? Let’s do it!

What you’ll need to make the peppermint lip scrub:


Optional for decorating:


How to make your peppermint lip scrub:

In a bowl, whisk together ½ cup granulated sugar and ½ cup coconut oil. Continue mixing until it is blended well, creamy and slightly fluffy. Add 4-5 drops of Twig and Petal peppermint oil to the sugar mixture and blend well. Pour the peppermint lip scrub evenly into two 4 oz. glass jars.


Cut a square from some wide burlap ribbon, then put the metal lid on the glass jar and then place the burlap square on top. Twist the jar ring around the burlap fabric and down onto the jar securely. Cut a garland strand into small pieces about 3 inches long. Tie together two small pieces of garland strand and a mini candy cane with twine. Tie the mini candy cane decoration around the lid of the glass jar with a piece of twine. You can add crushed candy cane pieces for decorative effect if you wish.

Tips for your peppermint lip scrub:

If peppermint isn’t your thing, you can choose from so many different essential oils (learn more about those here) that you like better, but the peppermint is wonderful for the holiday season. Since these are all fresh ingredients, keep in mind that your peppermint lip scrub should be used within two weeks of giving your gift and should be stored in the refrigerator. To use, simply rub on wet lips, give a little scrub and wipe off with a damp wash cloth!

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I know that all of your friends and family will love this special peppermint lip scrub that they will probably be coming back for more! Happy holidays!

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