DIY Valentine’s Day!

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So, one can argue that Valentine’s Day is just a “commercial holiday” that help card and chocolate companies walk away with a boost in sales, and that would probably be right. At the end of the day, no one should need a holiday in order to show your partner, children, family, and friends how much we love and really appreciate them in our lives. But on the other hand, it;s also a fun excuse to buy gifts and remember to say say “I love you!”

I have fond memories of Valentine’s Day as a child. My siblings and I would excitedly wait for my Dad to get home from work with special surprises for us to celebrate the holiday. So of course, we try to pass that feeling along to our little man, especially because he has been talking about Valentine’s Day non stop since February 1st.

So, here are some fun ideas to help make your Valentine’s Day extra special, without spending a fortune on jewelry, or otherwise!

Valentine’s Coupon Books. Put together a fun coupon book for whomever you hold near and dear to your heart. For kids, it can be fun to give parents coupons for “cleaning” and “cooking.” For the “grown-ups,” we can make things a little bit more interesting.

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Candy. You can buy generic chocolates at the store, or make them yourself for an even sweeter result. Pick up some melting chocolate and molds from your local craft store and you just might be the newest chocolatier in town!

Cards. Get out your markers, construction paper, felt, and crayons to simply put together fun and heartfelt cards.

Treats. Put together treat bags of love for your kiddos to hand out. Include things like popcorn, mini pretzels, chex cereal, and pink and red candy.

Mug Love. Head to your local craft store with the kiddos and purchase a few plain white coffee mugs and craft paint. Make sure that you come home and clear a “crafting corner” to avoid messes and get on with the painting with a minimum of stress. Just fun, coated in love! And your loved ones will have a smile on their faces everytime they drink their daily cup of coffee!

Hope one of these ideas works for you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Fashionably Yours,


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