Doctor On Demand For Mamas on the Go

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This post was sponsored by Doctor On Demand as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.

Allergy season hit the Cooper household hard this year. The thing about allergies though is that you know you need to suffer through them because its being caused by the influx of allergens in the air…or do you? We would all like to be able to call up our doctors whenever we’d like and have a little chat, but that’s not always possible, so we are stuck with taking time out of our day to lug the kids to the doctor, right? Wrong! There is now a better alternative with Doctor On Demand.


Doctor On Demand is an extraordinary App available to families everywhere (keep scrolling for a code to try for $10 off!) that are busy, on the go, but get sick from time to time – ahem…all of us! Notice how I am sitting and relaxing during a quick break that I took in between writing and working and was able to participate in an easy breezy doctor’s appointment for my special need, right from my smartphone. It is super convenient and you never have to leave the comfort of your home.


Since allergies and the common cold can easily get mixed up, I wanted to speak to an actual doctor (buh-bye Dr. Google), and get my facts straight about what my family and I have been going through. It always hits us at the same time each year as we transition into spring, but especially since I’m pregnant and that I didn’t really want to take Branden out of school for another pediatrician visit, I wanted to learn more through Doctor On Demand.

Speaking with the doctor, even just through the video chat, allowed them to provide me with a comprehensive analysis of our symptoms as we discussed things like environment and family health history. You will also always speak with Board Certified Physician. The doctor that I spoke with assesd all this information and took a little tour of our home to figure out what was the root of the allergies and what was the best plan of action for our family to overcome them.


I know that you are all ready to download this FREE app now, because who wants to get up and go to the doctors if they can visit you right through the phone, right?! I have a code for you all to use so that you can experience the ease of using this service for yourself. Whenever you download Doctor On Demand and register, you will be promoted to enter a code, so use this one: PROJECT10 and get $10 off your first use!

How easy will Doctor On Demand make your life?

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  1. This is an interesting concept. I’d definitely use it for when I’m experiencing minor symptoms like allergies. I’d follow-up with hands-on treatment from my physician.

  2. Waiting at the doctor’s office is always a pain, especially when you have a sick child. The idea of handling everything from home is awesome!

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