Jeans For Pear Shaped Women

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It doesn’t have to be hard to find jeans for pear shaped women and our no fuss guide will show you how and make shopping for this closet staple a breeze.

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Jeans For Pear Shaped Women

Since I have started the whole “Dressing For Your Body Shape” category on Project Motherhood, my advice that I give to EVERYONE who comes to me for styling tips is always: dress for your shape. You may notice our team using it on twitter and facebook to hashtag different articles or comments (#ShopYourShape), because our team is all different shapes and we are pretty obsessed with spreading the word about knowing how to dress for YOUR shape.

As we learned last week, even though denim is an essential in our closets,  it can still be a tricky article to shop for. There are so manybrands, and well known ones at that, competing for our purchases in this arena. It’s up to us as consumers to be able to navigate through the hundreds of thousands of denim options to find what works best for us. Easier said than done, right? Wrong! Once you learn to dress for your shape, you will see everything clearly and be able to denim shop with ease!

Dress For Your Shape: Jeans For Pear Shaped Women

This week, we are navigating our way through the pear shaped body to help all of you pears dress for your shape in a much more knowledgeable manner. As you may or may not know, pear shaped bodies carry their extra weight in their bottom half, so whenever we are searching for denim, its important to find pieces that minimize our bottom half and accentuate our most loved areas!

  • Highlight your tiny waist in order to even out your proportions.
  • Avoid: Low-rise jeans as they will create a muffin top appearance.
  • Look For: Mid to high rise jeans which will give the illusion of a longer leg.
  • Boot cut or wide leg styles are best to balance out your waist; but if you are a shorter pear shaped body, give straight leg denim a try since skinny jeans can work quite well for you!
  • Darker washed denim is best to help streamline all your lovely curves!

Shop our favorite jeans for pear shaped women:

Looking for more jeans for pear shaped women goodness? I’ve got everything you need here:

The good news is that pear shaped bodies look quite good in jeans if selected properly. So rather than try to always hide your assets, try to remember to strut them. Lots of other body shapes wish they had what you do! Oh, and by the way, Beyonce is considered to be a classic pear-shape, and look what it’s done for her!

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P.S. If you missed last week’s post, you will want to check it out for extra denim shopping tips for ALL body types–Dressing For Your Body Shape: Denim Style!

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