Jeans For Apple Shaped Body

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If you’re an apple shaped mama then you know the finding the right jeans is crucial when it comes to your stomach area. Rest assured that my guide for jeans for apple shaped body will be your new shopping companion. 

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Jeans For Apple Shaped Body

No matter body shape you are, I’m pretty sure that as a collective we can all agree that it is essential to have a handful of denim that we love hanging in our closet. Denim has truly become a part of our daily lives and is beyond acceptable to dress up and wear for evenings out or running around after our kiddos on the playground. Since becoming a closet essential, you want to make sure that you are choosing jeans for apple shaped body and feeling just as confident in your denim as you do in your beloved yoga pants!

So here we are again at the apple shaped figure and will be moving on through all our different body shapes for the next five weeks until we make sure that all our lovely readers are rocking their #mamastyle in the best denim that they can find!

Being an apple shaped lady myself, I can totally relate to this body shape that carries their extra weight in the midsection and typically has tinier legs. Whenever its time for denim shopping, these are my pointers and things to inspect whenever you are in the fitting room:

  • Focus on proportions. While you can ALWAYS take your denim to a tailor (check out Alterations & Fit 101 for specific details), it’s in your best interest to pay close attention to where the denim is hitting your body and whether that is a flattering fit. Always remember that you are dressing for your body shape  so just because something is trendy, it doesn’t mean that it’s for you.
  • Stay away from low rise. Since us apple shaped ladies have to worry about our mid-sections, it’s in our benefit to stay away from denim that hits us right below the belly, as it will only accentuate our problem area. On the other hand, high waisted denim isn’t always the best option either. It’s best to find a happy medium that will keep your tummy at bay.
  • Avoid: trouser denim, flair (unless you are tall or wearing sky high heels), or any styles that add extra bulk to the mid-section.
  • Love: styles that draw the attention upwards or to your legs.

Shop our favorite jeans for apple shaped bodies:

Looking for more jeans for apple shaped body goodness? I’ve got everything an apple body shape could want right here:

Like bathing suits, you need to be in the mood to try on denim.  Make sure you wear a top that looks good with jeans and shoes the approximate height you want to wear with the denim. Allow yourself enough time for trying…and keep going until you find the perfect pair. Since this may require experimenting by sizing up or down in certain styles, it helps to shop for denim in a store with attentive fitting room staff.

Have fun shopping for denim style, lovely apple shaped, ladies!  You will love the results! (Send us a pic!)

Fashionably Yours,


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