Easy Hairstyles For Busy Moms

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Full disclosure – I finally got a new curling iron from Pro Beauty tools this month, after I had literally been using the same one since middle school! With the holidays approaching, I can honestly say that this Pro Beauty Tools 1-Inch Professional Curling Iron that I received to review has opened my eyes to so many different hairstyles for busy moms that are easy to achieve and fun to wear! (I’m having a little bit of fun with my hair lately since transitioning to a red head, and I can say that red heads have more fun!)

Oh, hey November. It’s a red hair don’t care kinda month for me! #fallfashion

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 I find myself easily getting stuck in the “scrunch my hair, hair spray for volume” and go look, which is totally fine for day to day operations, but the holidays call for a little bit more effort (even if you only have 5 minutes extra to add). I realized that whenever you have a great curling iron on hand, not only are the opportunities endless for playing around with your newly curled tresses, but it also takes MUCH LESS TIME to achieve since your hair will curl in just a few minutes and then you can just spray and go! (Make sure that, before you start curling. you spray with a heat protector like my favorite Sexy Hair Style Protect Heat Defense Hot Tool Spray.) asy-hairstyles-for-busy-moms

Hairstyles for busy moms are easier than we think!

The trick that I learned whenever I last visited the Ammon Carver Salon (read about it here), was to take your 1-2 inch curling iron (the one that you can enter to win below and that I use is a 1 inch) and actually flip the curling iron upside down to curl each piece versus holding it upright. Genius, right? See below for how I’ve been doing mine.


This is literally how all those celebs walk the red carpet with those loose, wavy curls! It’s such a simple switch that leads to so many fun hairstyles for busy moms, without much fussing involved! You can easily flip your head upside down when you are done, give a good spray, and be on your merry way. OR you can try some of these easy extra steps:

    • Toss on your favorite headband for a little extra embellishment!
    • Pull pieces from both sides and bring them together at the top of your head with some bobby pins.
    • Go old school and give yourself a fun zig-zag part for some extra volume!
    • Bring all your hair together on one side to sport a low ponytail that is flowing with curls.

What are your favorite styles?

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  1. I so need help styling my hair. I usually blowdry and throw in a pony tail, where it remains until I wash again. Boring!

  2. You have no idea how much help I need in the hair department. I usually throw it up. I need a curling iron!

  3. These are great ideas. I wouldn’t mind changing my style up a bit every now and then.

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