Fabulous Finds: JustGoGirl

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justgogirlDear Diary,

So today my lovelies, I’m going to discuss something that we may all be a bit hesitant and embarrassed to talk about…athletic leaks™. I know, its not pretty or fashionable, but its a problem that a lot of women deal with and are afraid to talk about, resulting in working out less. Last week, I had the awesome opportunity to meet with Brooke Solis, the founder & CEO of the new company, JustGoGirl, that has set out to solve this problem for women and help us take back control of our active lifestyle!

What are athletic leaks™?

Coming directly from the JustGoGirl website: “Athletic Leaks™ are leaks that are triggered by high-impact or strenuous activities. They’re completely different from the type of leak that happens when you sneeze or laugh, which is considered to be stress incontinence. Athletic Leaks™, or athletic incontinence, are only caused by high-impact activities. If you’ve had a baby and tried to do a jumping jack or hopped around a bouncy house with your child, you probably know what we’re talking about.”

Ever experience this?

If your answer is “yes,” you are in luck!

JustGoGirl has set out to solve this problem for women through developing a special athletic pad that can be worn during workouts for total absorption. In addition, do you see that picture of the women wearing multi-colored, tight yoga pants above? They are ALL wearing JustGoGirl! Amazing since you can’t see any signs of a bulky pad! That’s why JustGoGirl is completely different, you NEVER have to be embarrassed wearing them, because no one will know except for you.

So let’s be vocal, ladies! How happy are you to find out there is FINALLY a product for us?!

Fashionably Yours,


**Project Motherhood was compensated for writing this post. Opinions are 100% my own.**

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