Family Getaway: Emerson Resort And Spa

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THIS was my beautiful view whenever I woke up last Saturday and Sunday morning at the gorgeous, family-friendly, Emerson Resort and Spa in the rustic Catskills – just 2 hours outside of the hustle and bustle of New York City. I can’t start our weekend adventures recap without first stating this: my family and I SO needed this trip! With back to school stress, my husband’s military training travels, my back and forth to Ohio, Pittsburgh, and Massachusetts with Branden – it was amazing to reconnect in the solitude that this experience presented before us.

We rolled into the resort late Friday night because we couldn’t leave the city until Chris came home from work, but we walked into the most beautiful room complete with a wooded balcony, stone fireplace, and a bathroom that made me want to wish away my tiny NYC apartment!


This HUGE creek was our tranquilizing view as we had breakfast at their on-site restaurant, The Catamount – and we couldn’t resist climbing down the big stone steps to get right in there and experience all the creek has to offer.


We knew that rain was on the forecast for the day, but our family goal for the trip was to complete a long hike together. The resort is beyond organized and made sure that our room had all the information that we needed about local hiking trails and how to get there.


We ended up choosing a trail a couple miles away driving, a trail that was noted to be kid-friendly. We hiked the 3 miles, climbed 2,000 feet into the mountains, and made the most amazing memories together! There is something so heart-warming and magical about experiencing something new together as a family. And while there were the inevitably challenging moments on our hike, we completed it together, and the reward was huge for us as a family unit. And how amazing is that view?


The trail ended with a playground area that B got to climb on before we headed back to the Emerson Resort and Spa to return to shelter – just before the impending rain. It was almost as if the heavens above waited to pour so that we could finish our hike.


When we got back to the hotel, it was relaxation time for the whole family! I had a massage scheduled at their spa, so Chris and I alternated between me running there and him working up a sweat at their on-site gym, while B had the time of his life in the Jacuzzi tub (which he kept calling the “Ka-chu-zzi” and is still begging me for one in our home). My massage was out of this world and took the word “relaxation” to a whole new level. I absolutely love finding treasures like the Emerson Resort and Spa that allows the entire family to have a great time!


The perfect day ended with an insanely delicious meal at The Catamount for dinner, where we devoured salmon and steak, all the more enjoyable due to our hearty appetites from hiking. After the abundant main course, Branden discovered the joys of decadent hot chocolate for dessert, while I couldn’t resist sampling their house-made lemon curd – out of this world! I sat there, well satisfied and happy, and thought about how The Emerson Resort and Spa is truly like a little village that has everything you could imagine from bike rentals, casual dining, and more – right there within the resort.


And of course, B loved the huge plush beds – perfect for jumping on, or in! I can’t thank The Emerson Resort and Spa enough for hosting my family for a memorable weekend, we will certainly be back again! If you and your family are looking for a kid-friendly getaway that is close, yet far from the busy city, this is it!

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    Oh how lovely! We love places like this where we can get the kids outside to play. What a great place for a family getaway!

  2. It seems so refreshing to get away from it all. I just love the pictures of the resort. It looks like the perfect vacation spot.

  3. Looks like a lot of fun and a greta way to kick of fall!

  4. This sounds so nice! Having that kind of scenery with an amazing resort to go back to would be incredible.

  5. What a fabulous view and what an awesome place! Emerson Resort is definitely the kind of place I’d like to take my family to. Oh that bubble bath looks so inviting!

  6. I love family getaways, this looks like a great place to go! Salmon and steak sounds like a perfect dinner!

  7. How gorgeous! I have never been to New York before, but I think I’d more partial to the quiet side of it. 🙂

  8. I’ve always wanted to spend time in the Catskills and this sounds like the perfect place to stay. Love all the outdoor activities that are available.

  9. That is without a doubt, my favorite kind of vacation. I would love to visit that someday, minus the kids. They’re not big on outdoor stuff but I LOVE hiking.

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