Fashion Guides

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The Fashion Guide To Investing Wisely – It’s interesting how we are so strategic whenever it comes to financial planning and investing in stocks and businesses, but for some reason we don’t think the same way whenever it comes to fashion–but we should! Read more here.

Decoding the High Price Tag: The High Cost of Designer Clothes – Shopping without a clear budget in mind can wreak havoc on your bank account, so you have to think some purchases through, especially when they are spontaneous. AND expensive. But, have you ever stopped to wonder why a garment that is bearing a designer tag has such a high price? I thought that it might be educational to break apart different aspects of a designer garment, and consider every factor that makes up these extravagant prices. And extravagant pieces we wish we had! Read more here.

Style 101

Wardrobe Staples For Every Woman – I know that I do an awful lot of talking about my love for designer labels. The truth is, my obsession with designers is only really pertinent when it comes to having high quality staple items hanging in your closet.  These important wardrobe builders are the items that are worth splurging on, since they are your workhorses and can last you a lifetime if chosen well. The trendy items that go in and out of style should by no means be your most expensive items. To be completely honest, there are some items that I consider to be wardrobe staples that don’t even need to be high in price; those items are noted where applicable in the list below. Read more here.

The Ultimate Guide to Style vs. TrendsFashion, like trends, fade. Fashion is changing at a rapid pace and constantly evolving in order to keep up with the demand of the ever changing fashion industry. Think about it. Without trends, there would be no Fashion Week, no major Red Carpet moments, and no Vogue, it would all be more of the same. Read more here.

5 Fashion Rules Meant to Be Broken – Fashion can be such a fickle thing sometimes. We grow up having these “fashion rules” drilled in our heads, always feeling as if we must abide by them or else we will be instantly out-casted. Then, you grow up and open your first copy of Vogue magazine and realize that the true trend setters and fashion innovators are the ones that break these fashion rules. Read more here.


Fashion Storage Guide – Recently, I was introduced to the wonderful Lisa Zaslow, founder of Gotham Organizers, and she filled me in on everything that us fashion lovers should be doing with our closet space through her fashion storage guide. To give you a little bit of a background on just how brilliant Lisa is, she has her Master’s Degree in Organizational Psychology and launched Gotham Organizers in 2000–giving her 14 years and thousands of clients of experience! Read more here.

How To’s

How to Wear White After Labor Day – For some reason, wearing white after labor day has become such a mysterious situation! For so long we have been told never to do it, then we have fashion greats such as Manolo  who have been telling the world to break that rule! But nonetheless, no matter what exactly is said in our fashion bibles, once labor day has passed and we pull something white from our closets, we are instantly filled with a little bit of fear that we will be “fashion shamed” for flaunting it in public. Read more here.

How to Rock a Crop Top At Any Age & Size – I recently had a client come to me, a mother of 3 children–I must point out, asking, “Allison, can you please help me find a way to rock an age appropriate crop top this summer?!” I thought that since it’s becoming a popular topic of discussion I would outline the easy resolution of rocking crop tops in a blog post for you ALL to read! Read more here.

How to go Shopping in Your Own Closet – We LOVE to go shopping and buy new clothes, only to wear them a decent amount of times before we start complaining that, “We have NOTHING to wear!” Well ladies…I’m here to tell you that you DO indeed have clothing to wear, and instead of hitting up your favorite boutique this weekend, you should take some time to go shopping in your very own closet. You just might be surprised what you find! Read more here.

How to Dress For Black Tie Events – The truth is that it’s much easier for men. Black tie to them is simply a black tuxedo or a fancier black suit – easy peasy! But not for us women! We are filled with questions, and it all comes back to the simple fact that modern day etiquette is different now, and dressing for black tie isn’t what it used to be. But fear not! We have a Project Motherhood  guide for you to follow, and soon you will be a black tie pro that all your friends come to for advice! Read more here.

How to Style Flared Denim – Wearing flared denim is completely possible no matter what your shape or size! Just follow these simple guidelines for fit, making sure you have your flared denim altered properly, and paying attention to proportions and volume. You will rock your flares – promise! Read more here. 

How to Reinvent Your Postpartum Style – If you’re anything like me, after having a baby you felt the urge to purge out a lot of old clothes, ditch any leftover maternity clothes and reinvent your style. Having a new baby leave you awfully sleepy, but the last thing I wanted to do was look in the mirror and feel icky about what I was wearing. Here are easy ways to step up your style game while getting used to your postpartum figure. Read more here. 

How to Effectively Shop For Maternity Clothes – Before becoming a blogger and writer, I worked in the maternity world and learned some awesome tricks of the trade for shopping for cute maternity clothes, with a focus on fit. Following these important guidelines will help you to choose clothes that will last your whole pregnancy – no matter how big your belly grows or the season! Read more here. 

How to Build The Ultimate Maternity Capsule Wardrobe – The ideal maternity wardrobe doesn’t in any way need to be large! Here’s simple steps to build a smaller, but very worthwhile maternity capsule collection that will last you all nine (or eleven) months long because, let’s face it – you will keep these pieces in your life for at least one month postpartum. Read more here.

For more info on fashion guides for your specific body shape (or how to tell which you are), check out this series:

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