Clothing Storage Solutions From Gotham Organizers

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Is your closet in shambles? These clothing storage solutions will help you out in a major way so you can get organized right away.

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As soon as we begin to feel a chill in the air, we know that it’s time to start thinking about re-arranging our closets and setting the warm weather pieces aside to make sure we have easy access to our fall/winter pieces. This transition time is always perfect for really going through the closet as reassess and decide what you want to keep, store, or give away. But, living in a tiny New York City apartment, with a most likely even smaller closet, can make this a difficult feat!

Recently, I was introduced to the wonderful Lisa Zaslow, founder of Gotham Organizers, and she filled me in on everything that us fashion lovers should be doing with our closet space through her fashion storage guide. To give you a little bit of a background on just how brilliant Lisa is, she has her Master’s Degree in Organizational Psychology and launched Gotham Organizers in 2000–giving her 14 years and thousands of clients of experience!

It was beyond eye-opening for me to speak with her, and I know that you all will highly benefit from her wealth of knowledge and experience. In addition, she has created an awesome printable checklist for you to keep handy while you get organized! You can access that printable list HERE!!

 Tips for the best clothes storage solutions

    • Whenever you are transitioning from season to season, make the best use of your “prime real estate” ( the space that is most easily accessed whenever you open your closet.)
    • Store what you will be wearing the most in the front, within your reach. Also make sure to keep these things between the height of your shoulder and hips for less digging and bending to get what you need!
    • Shoes–Lisa recommends using storage containers for protection, made from clear, hard plastic. Don’t forget to label! It’s also easy to store shoes in boxes underneath your bed–but make sure you measure the height of your bed before you buy! Shoe racks are also a great option if you would like to display them! (Book shelves can also double as shoe racks!)
    • Flexible totes from Ziplock are also a great option for off season storage.
    • If you have way too much stuff that needs storage, Lisa’s recommendation (especially for busy moms) is using the Box Butler service, where you can have boxes stored for as cheaply as $4 per box. HUGE BONUS: they will deliver and pick up your boxes for you!
    • For separating different sizes more easily (also great for kids clothes!), use Simple Division Closet Organizers
    • Scarves— Instead of wasting boxes or shelf space piled up with scarves, purchase a couple of swinging pant hangers to easily handle scarves in your closet!
    • Designer Bags– I couldn’t agree more with Lisa’s advice for all of our expensive designer handbags–“display them!” She said. What good do those garment bags do to protect these gorgeous yet sturdy items anyways? Check out these amazing shelf dividers to help them stay up and display beautifully!

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