It’s Fashionable to be Healthy!

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I am beyond excited to share with you our first campaign of the year –  so much so that I can hardly contain myself! Today is the official launch of our “It’s Fashionable to be Healthy” Campaign, and all week long we will be sharing different health-related products, services, beauty, and fashion brands that aim towards living a balanced lifestyle. We always start off our year with making promises and resolutions that we will do better and lose weight, but it’s not all about striving for looking better, it’s feeling better, too.

It’s become so important to me to launch “It’s Fashionable to be Healthy” because it truly is important! Being healthy is “in” and we at Project Motherhood are all big supporters of this!

it's-fashionable-to-be-healthyToday, we are kicking things off with my friend Jory Lieber, from the award winning blog teeny tiny foodie! Through this medium, Jory shares with us all how she has set out to raise her daughter, Eliana (such a cutie!) as a teeny tiny foodie – open to trying new foods. She shares mouth watering weekly recipes that are great for kids (and adults) of all ages as well as ways to incorporate getting the kids involved in the kitchen to create these meals. The fun doesn’t stop there, as Jory also teaches cooking classes and meal planning  for the whole family! (See below how to score an exclusive deal and get Jory in YOUR kitchen!)

Jory Lieber of teeny tiny foodie

Jory Lieber of teeny tiny foodie

Jory is a huge inspiration to me, and I look forward to seeing everything that she posts online to give me guidance in the kitchen! I’m so excited to have her spearheading this campaign with her healthy lifestyle and motivation!

Why is it so important to you to live a healthy lifestyle?

JL: I want to feel my best and be a healthy role model for my daughter. 
AC: I agree with Jory. I want to make sure Branden is self-sufficient whenever he grows up and leaves our home and is able to make healthy decisions for himself.

What actions do you take to keep your family healthy?

JL: I cook most of what we eat, and I try to keep my meals very “clean” with minimal processed or packaged food. Most mornings I try to start my day with exercise. Sometimes my daughter likes to “join me.”

AC: I’m the biggest health nut out of our little family, so it’s really up to me to make sure that we are using Eco-friendly cleaning products (my favorite is Babyganics) and I always make sure that we have a healthy dinner whenever we are together at night for that one meal a day.

How do your incorporate health education into everyday chit chat with your kids?

JL: My daughter often comes with me when I’m shopping for food. She helps me pick out what we need, and this presents a great opportunity to talk about what we choose to buy and what we don’t.  We cook together all the time too, so this is another great place to talk about healthy food choices.

AC: We talk about it while grocery shopping and cooking, too! Branden is at the age where he will say to me “Mom, this __________ is a healthy snack!” They really do pay attention!

What are your favorite healthy products? (food, beauty, clothing)

JL: I love apples and eat them almost every day. For the packaged food I buy, I try to stick with items that have around 5 ingredients or less and are comprised of real foods. For beauty, I like to use natural products by Yana Herbal Beauty and Burt’s Bees.
AC: One of my new favorite beauty brands is Juice Beauty, they have wonderful organic makeup! I also love Fake Bake, a company that is featured later on this week, and their product provides a way to give my skin a summer glow with an organic formula.

If you can offer just one piece of advice about living a healthy lifestyle, what would it be?

JL: Eat real food.
AC: Seek balance in your healthy lifestyle. Incorporate pure foods, beauty products, and clothing – and set aside some time to do good things for your body (walking, running, swimming, yoga) at least 3 times per week.

What measures do YOU take to keep yourself and your family healthy in every aspect? If you support our message, please share this with your friends and family – we truly appreciate your support!

I’m so excited to share with all of you that all of our amazing campaign sponsors are sharing exclusive deals for our Project Motherhood Insiders to try out their products and services! Sign up HERE to have access to Friday’s email with a special deal from Jory from teeny tiny foodie! You can also VISIT HERE to subscribe to receive teeny tiny foodie in your inbox!
Fashionably Yours,

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