Finally Pure – Allergy Safe Beauty Products For The Whole Family

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Finally Pure has answered all Mamas questions whenever it comes to safe, natural beauty products for family and through pregnancy! They are all allergy safe beauty products, too.

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Finally Pure – Allergy Safe Beauty Products For The Whole Family

As parents, we often find ourselves wondering about the beauty products our kids are using in the bath, out of the bath, as well as what we ourselves use. If you are pregnant or have a family member with food allergies or illness, the concern grows even deeper, and reading labels to have allergy friendly beauty products that are good for the whole body becomes first priority. Thankfully, the company Finally Pure has products for all of these concerns and truly will leave you saying “Finally!” And they also have a Finally Pure Baby Line for you to love, too, so keep reading!

Food Allergy Awareness goes well beyond just what we put inside our mouths, but what we use on our hair, skin, and body, as well. With the severity of food allergies, it only takes a short period of time for a severe reaction to take place, so having beauty products in the home that alleviate any worry during bath time and beyond isa huge stress relief for parents!

Finally Pure Baby Line

Every ingredient in their products are 100% pure and natural and organic, too. They also have a Finally Pure baby line that is safe for brand new skin! They think about it all when developing new products, and make sure they are always preserving environmental resources, are cruelty free, allergy friendly, and safe to use throughout pregnancy and for patients undergoing radiation or chemotherapy to treat cancer. Even more, they carry a wide variety of products that are nut-free, gluten-free, and vegan – to specifically cater to living an allergy friendly life. You can find more info in our allergy friendly product guide here. 

Finally Pure Baby

We’re always trying to educate ourself on what’s best to use for our littles most delicate skin (here’s a whole guide of the things I wish I knew the first time around) and the Finally Pure Baby Line is a great option. The products that Finally Pure has for the kiddos are particularly yummy, too! Some of our favorites and their most popular are the Foaming Baby Wash & Shampoo and they even have a special unscented body lotion for use during pregnancy. They are all chemical free, nutrient rich, and organic.

allergy safe beauty products

So, I guess the only thing left to discuss is – which Finally Pure product are you ready to try first?

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**This is a sponsored post on behalf of our Food Allergy Awareness Campaign. Due to the severity of food allergies, always check with the company and your physician before trying any new products. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to FARE for research and education. As always, opinions are my own. **


  1. I can’t wait to check out some of these products. My kids don’t have food allergies but they have tons of skin allergies so I have to be very careful about what I put on them!

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    This sounds like a great line of products. I have been working towards switching to natural products in our family and I love that they have a kids line.

  3. I’ve been slowly buy surely movign over to more natural products. I have super sensitive skin, and now one of my kids is showing signs of sensitivity, too.

  4. You know, I never really thought about how food allergies can affect people in ways other than just eating. It’s great that there are companies out there creating safe, organic products for everyone.

  5. Wow these are really cool! I was unaware of this brand but it sounds awesome for kids!

  6. Love Finally Pure! According to EWG all of their products are totally safe, even for babies. I’ve been using their facial products for about a year now and my skin looks better than it did ten years ago. Their day cream works better than the $300 face cream I’d been using for years. Wish I’d found this brand sooner.

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