Finding Your “Momspiration” at The Mom Con {Giveaway}

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Last year at about this time, my amazing friend, blogger, and business partner, Stephanie Barnhart of Football Food and Motherhood, wrote a guest post for Project Motherhood and made a statement about motherhood that couldn’t be more true. She said:

“Motherhood. It has our name in it but it’s rarely ever about us.”

It doesn’t get more real than that. But, as soon as we give birth, the word “mother” becomes this defining factor –a shield–that we sometimes fall victim to standing behind. Don’t get me wrong, there are no feelings in the world that compare to being a mother and experiencing life with your children– but we often struggle to separate being a mother from the person that we were before we gave birth.

Why go to The Mom Con?

Everyone has a different motherhood story. For me, as many of you know, I became a mother early on in life. My husband and I got married, and we started our little family as I finished school  while staying home with Branden at the beginning of his life. That necessity of working and studying online led me to become immersed in the world of social media and blogging through my college internship, and once I did, I knew it was something I could do on my own, as a business.

With the support of my husband and our super hard working editor, Debby, I set out to make this business happen. It took some time and thought and planning, but my husband eventually understood that a virtual business model was just as real as bricks and morter, though I still struggle with some family and friends trying to understand what the heck I had set out to do. Simultaneously, a lot of my friendships in the city with girls who hadn’t yet experienced motherhood or marriage sort of began to fizzle, adding to the isolation that can happen what with working at home, both of which were challenging for a super social person like me!


But soon enough, I found my solace in the blogging community and connecting with amazing, similarly-minded mompreneurs, like all of the wonderful, hard working, passionate people that will be in attendance at The Mom Con. If you are seeking more of a connection and some inspiration – needing that extra push that you need to move forward in your life –  this is truly the place to gain some “momspiration.”

There is a HUGE lineup of amazing women who are speaking, many of whom I am so excited to say are my friends and a daily inspiration for me to do more, do better, and reach all of my goals. As an added bonus, my mom is coming with me, giving her a glimpse into my world for a day and see why I am so passionate about what I do.

The Deets on The Mom Con

The Mom Con will be held at the Pittsburgh Mariott North November 14th & 15th 2014.

Tickets are only $59 for the Saturday conference, which includes lunch, snack, parking, and amazing swag bags!

The Giveaway

I’m giving away 1 ticket to attend The Mom Con in Pittsburgh, Pa on November 14th & 15th to help you gain some momspiration in your life! Enter below and join the Project Motherhood team for a great conference! The contest starts today and 1 winner will be chosen on Monday October 20th…Good luck!
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  1. my mom does

  2. My kids ability to be free spirited is my momspiration.

  3. Meridith Belfield says:

    My mom friends.

  4. Marilyn Nawara says:

    Seeing my kids happy and smiling gives me all the momspiration I need.

  5. My children and other inspiring parents that I have been fortunate to meet either through social media or in person.

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