Finding My Spark Again With Rifle Paper Co

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Perhaps it’s because I thrive in a structured environment where my personal success revolves around lists and a schedule that not having that kind of structure in my life right now has been making everything a bit foggy. Being a writer by trade, every great piece of content is built upon inspiration – a spark of sorts that ignites deep within and flows through our fingers, to the keyboard, eventually forming words that people can feel when they read them. Right now, I’m missing that spark and I feel like the walls are falling down around me. A gift from the amazing paper company, Rifle Paper Co., is helping to get me organized and back on track.


Each super cute, feminine, and very retro themed notepad obviously had this Mama thinking about one thing: back to school. But I’m going to be real with you – I’m kinda sick of hearing about it already, and quite frankly, sometimes we need to think about ourselves aside from our kids, too. So my message today is for the Mamas, about the Mamas, and to [hopefully] inspire the Mamas to find your spark and get out there do whatever it is that makes you happy.

Since B has been out of school, my schedule has been completely off. I’m used to waking up each day with a very clear cut plan. I kiss Chris as he walks out the door for work, pack Branden’s lunch and walk him to school, do my morning run, then come back to prep my french press and get the day started. Don’t get me wrong – I’m truly loving my daily adventures with my little guy – checking out all the splash pads the city has to offer, visiting the skate parks, and conquering new museums, but it’s thrown off my focus a little bit.

Back before Facebook or blogging were even a “thing,” journaling was a HUGE part of my life. I wrote and wrote all of my passions and thoughts in a private notebook, for only myself to see. But it inspired me to always push forward in all areas of my life. I remember as a child one time, making the discovery of my mom’s private journal and even though she wasn’t into writing the same way I was, it was a common bond that I now knew we had.

So I started writing again – for myself. For my eyes only.


Just little thoughts, here and there, in these gorgeous little Rifle Paper Co notebooks and list pads. Not blog post ideas, but life ideas. And you know what? I’m starting to feel the dimming passion come back to life again inside me.

So I challenge you, Mamas.

Push the back to school thoughts aside – we can worry about that later – and focus on yourself today. Do something that sparks creativity and connects you with yourself again. After all, if we lose the person that we are, how are we to teach our children to be the best versions of themselves?


  1. Good for you! I get so caught up in stuff that I forgot about writing for myself!

  2. It is so cathartic to just write for the sake of writing. This adorable line of paper goods would totally be inspiring.

  3. I love pretty paper products like these!

  4. Love paper goods

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