Finding The Right Fit in Your Fitness Clothes

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There is nothing like starting off the new year with a commitment to yourself – to get fit! It can feel so liberating to know that you have chosen a healthy path for yourself and are ready to jump in full force. You might join a gym, a yoga studio, or even try a new workout DVD at home. Either way, you are ready to grab that workout by the balls and dominate. But as a woman, there is always the looming question: what to wear? It can be so frustrating to go to your drawer and pull out a bunch of workout clothes that don’t fit! Yes, finding the right fit in your fitness clothes is totally priceless and can make you feel amazing, and the key is finding the proper fit when shopping!

As for me, I just made that HUGE (haha – being sarcastic here!) commitment to doing Soul Cycle once a week. This class is intense, believe me – it’s 45 minutes of pushing yourself to insane limits while you are spinning to the music the instructor plays. Then in addition to that I do 1-2 exercise DVDs a week at home. As I do these weekly workouts in my bedroom, I find myself stealing a glance at myself while in my yoga poses, checking out how I look. When I noticed that I wasn’t loving the fit of my clothes, I knew that it was time to learn more and do some shopping at Satya Apparel– featuring breathable, stylish, flattering, and functional yoga clothing that looks amazing on all body shapes.


Finding the Right Fit in Your Fitness Clothes

Finding the right fit in your fitness clothes can be frustrating – I get it! Here is what I have learned to look for when shopping for fitness clothes in my quest to find the perfect fit:

  • Fitness clothes should fit snug and close to your body, but not too tight! Take some time in the changing room to make sure you can perform the full range of motion that you need for your designated activity. If not, go up another size.  And if the waistband wants to slip downward, that too means to size up.
  • Consider the wicking ability of the fabric. These fabrics will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, plus they dry quickly! When clothes are meant to fit snug, this wicking ability is uber important to ensure your comfort.
  • Keep season in mind. Choose pieces accordingly for the season, and pieces that can be layered. You’ll need a  little room under something you want to layer on top, so keep that in mind when purchasing.
  • Length: Just like you would with a ball gown, bring your workout shoes with you when shopping! And make sure that the fitness pants you choose aren’t too long, especially if you will be bare foot for yoga and pilates.
  • Undergarments: Unlike whenever you wear dresses, it’s alright for your undergarments (specifically sports bras) to show whenever you are working out – In fact, most are made to be seen. Just make sure your sports bras are fitting snug to your body because they will stretch as you start moving around. Any visible gaps mean you need to size down. Likewise, any stretching that causes a pleat-like effect mean you have to size up. And, if your “assets” don’t want to stay in place in that garment, that too means you need to work a little harder on the perfect fit!

The best rule of all to follow when seeking the right fit is simply this –  if it doesn’t look good, regardless of size, try another style!  There are plenty to choose from out there, and you WILL find the perfect fit for your body type, I promise! Once you get it right, you will be amazed when your fitness clothing makes you feel like you are wearing shapewear on the outside, but prettier!

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