GB Lyfe Travel System Review

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With baby #2 on the way, it was finally time to buckle down and choose a travel system that we loved that was conducive to our city life. Being the control freak that I am, I’ve been pretty much scoping out the stroller scene and presenting my hubbs with possibilities since before we were even pregnant (I know, I’m a nut!). One component that I completely fell in love with was the super chic pram and quickly became obsessed with the GB Lyfe Travel System for many, many reasons.


First and foremost, it is super lightweight and was easy to put together. As I’ve mentioned in our pregnancy plan, we try to make sure that Branden is included in everything as we get ready for the new baby’s arrival and we worked on this as a family. As soon as we were finished, he said “mom, it glides so nicely!”


So, let’s walk through the GB Lyfe Travel System, shall we? First we have the car seat, which also comes with the car seat base. It is super durable, safe, and I can’t wait to see our little mini Cooper in it! The system comes in two colors: charcoal and merlot, which are both beautiful and vibrant. Obviously you can see that we went with the charcoal simply because I know it will match with clothing, blankets, and outfits that our little one wears on a daily basis.


Here, you can see it in full on Pram mode, which I have to say is my favorite! But, the thing that really drew me into the system is that it is SO much more than just a Pram. It can hold up to 35 pounds and transition from a pram to car seat mode to toddler mode for when your little gets bigger. It glides beautifully on every surface, so you never have to worry about baby being jolted awake.


The GB Lyfe Travel System can be found at Amazon for only $379.99, which is amazing within itself. It’s so economically priced for all that you get! Can we just take a minute to notice the roundness that is happening in my midsection? Baby C is truly making an appearance!

Watch my video of the GB Lyfe Travel System!

So here are some more details that I mentioned I would provide from the video:

Newborn mode: perfect for whenever your wee one is super teeny and you don’t want to remove them from the car seat, it snaps on really easily to the stroller base. (Did you get a good look at all that storage, too? Perfection!)


Infant Mode: the bassinet is easily removed on and off the stroller base and can seamlessly be carried anywhere in your home if baby falls asleep while strolling.


Toddler mode: this can be front or rear facing – whichever you prefer!

Hop on over to Amazon and check out the system for yourself! I can’t wait to put it to good use!

Fashionably Yours,


**This is a sponsored post. As always opinions are my own.**



  1. First of all- I love that you are doing everything you can to make your son feel as much a part of the “you’re having a new sibling so let’s get ready” process as possible! Second of all YOU ARE THE MOST GORGEOUS PREGGO. third of all this system looks like it needs to be a must-have on every mom-to-be’s baby registry list- great demo and video!

  2. Jacqui Odell says:

    I have baby number 4 on the way and this could come in handy!!!

  3. HI!
    I came across your review randomly while searching for feedback on this travel system. Assuming your little guy is here by now, what is your update on how this system worked out? I’m due October 3rd with baby boy #2 (my first son just turned 2.) I made a lot of uninformed purchases my first time around and am looking to buy better products this time. However, I still get overwhelmed with all of the options so any help you could provide would be much appreciated!

    • Allison Cooper says:

      Hi Alicia! We are actually due on August 18th so I will totally come back with an update for you once we have been using the system for a couple of week! Good luck with the end of your pregnancy and I totally get making spontaneous decisions for kids gear – I did that too with our older son as soon as I got the baby registry scanning gun in my hands!

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