Get Fit With the Junto Fitness App!

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Calling all New York City Mamas! Are you a fan of uber? You will love what I’m about to share!

I know that you can all relate to my latest dilemma – the lack of having time to get to the gym. Back in college, making time to workout was much easier and was a HUGE part of my life, it was like breathing. Then as I have gotten older and became a mom and a wife, things got busy. And once that happened I felt myself moving further and further away from my fitness goals. We all want to be able to run around with our kids without being out of breath and also want to teach our kiddos the importance to nutrition, so the time to start with both of these goals is NOW.


Junto Fitness App

Being introduced to the Junto Fitness App literally put me in a position where I wasn’t able to say “I don’t have time to get to the gym” – because they come to you, giving you the ability to workout anytime anywhere and allow you to hold the key to your fit future in your hands. Need to workout in the conference room at work on your lunch break? Or only 45 minutes to squeeze in a workout while your wee one naps and your toddler watches the latest download they are enamored with? No problem! That’s all possible with this app.

What is the Junto Fitness App?


Choose your area of focus on the Junto Fitness App!

Junto Fitness is a New York City based fitness app that caters to our generation – the digital age that wants instant gratification! You can easily download the app FOR FREE for iTunes or Google Play  and have access to endless NYC based personal trainers in the palm of your hand, ready to help you reach your goals.

Why we LOVE the Junto Fitness App

This is very simple: because it’s all about ME! We live our lives thinking and caring for everyone else – which is fine, it’s all part of being a mom. But but but – fitness needs to be about YOU, and with Junto it really is.

I know that whenever I fall into a “funk” (like during the recent holidays, for instance) I start to feel horrible about my body, and instead of just getting back at it, I put it off, avoid it like the plague, and feel worse and worse about myself. Getting to the gym can be tough, especially for a busy mom managing a household, kids, and a job. Obtaining the motivation that you need from a personal trainer – even if it’s just once a week – to coach you through an exhilarating session of yoga, Pilates, boxing, and more is all you need to get your groove back and feel great about yourself – truly priceless!

And did I mention no strings attached? With Junto, there is no need to worry about signing any contracts or difficult checkout – everything is just easy like it should be! I can’t stress enough how much of an impact this simple app will have on your fitness routine! Think about the goals you set for yourself at midnight on New Year’s Eve (lose the baby weight, get healthy again, be consistent with fitness, etc). All of that will work itself out with this simple download. They also have trainers that specialize in post-pregnancy workouts, which is such a bonus for our ever-changing bodies!


Plus, we spend so much time looking through our phones that you can’t help but remind yourself to workout whenever you see it on your screen, right? Yes! Get on it!

JUNTO Fitness it making waves in the world of on demand personal training and can make getting fit a much more reachable goal for you in 2015! JUNTO Fitness is enthusiastically sharing an exclusive deal for our Project Motherhood Insiders to try out their product! Subscribe HERE to be included in this Friday’s email + get exclusive deals from everyone involved in our “It’s Fashionable to be Healthy Campaign!”

Fashionably Yours,


**This is a sponsored post. As always, opinions are 100% our own.**

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