Get Sexy With Gingham: A New Twist On a Retro Fabric!

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Editor’s Post by Deborah Hetrick Catanese

Gingham is everywhere, a new twist on a sweet retro fabric! Even though its sexy sweetness is readily apparent in stores and websites galore, you might be wondering why I am totally craving gingham, and its new twist in fashion trends today.

A while back, I wrote a piece for Project Motherhood about how I came to be obsessed with clothes and style. It was called The Making of a Clothes Horse, which “blamed” my mother’s propensity for creating my childhood clothing with needle, thread, patterns, and fabric as the cause of me being the Clothes Horse I am today. When I think back to then, I have a flash of gingham before my eyes!

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Why We Love Gingham


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Back in those days, girls went to “Home Economics” while boys went to “Shop class”. I honestly felt sorry for the boys who were stuck making little foot stools or birdhouses while we girls got to make…aprons and skirts! Once I flew through the apron making, due to my advanced skills from watching MOM, I got to be the first one to make a skirt in a fabric of my choice. I had a big time lustful moment the minute I envisioned my spring green gingham gathered skirt with a set-in waistband and zipper, and a solid green crop top with fancy machine stitching to go with it. Once I finished my new spring outfit, I knew I was styling!


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Then, when the musical Oklahoma! came to the big screen, the complex relationship of sweet with downright sexy was on full reveal, and I just couldn’t get enough of it!

I am happy to report that the sweetness of gingham with its edgy retro appeal is BACK, in a great big fashion forward move into the past. And the choices in colors alone are soooo enticing…

So, my lovelies, if Dorothy could do gingham, so can you! In fact, gingham’s innocence is kinda what seems so edgy right now, don’t you agree? So, what is your favorite way to wear gingham’s sexy new twist on a retro fabric?

Fashionably Yours,


  1. I still love all those retro patterns: gingham, polka dots, argyle, and spectator shoes!

  2. Laurie Klatscher says:

    CUTE and very fresh (in more ways than one?)! I have a navy and white gingham dress from BCBG, above the knee, cap sleeve, a little low cut with a zipper up the front. It’s a couple years old, but right on target for this season. Glad to know gingham is an official trend this year. Yay!

    Laurie Klatscher

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