Going Back to Basics For Winter Skincare

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This is a sponsored post written for Neutrogena. I was compensated and provided complimentary products for this post. All opinions are my own.

Beautiful, chilly weather with snow falling all around us is certainly ahead. While these moments are filled with fun and excitement for the upcoming holiday season, it also plays a role in the condition of our delicate skin. I keep stressing this to everyone: our skin is our largest organ and we need to be kind to it. I have always made sure to switch to a more intense skincare routine during the winter months, but after having Blake, my skin took a turn for the extra dry and I knew I needed something more.


Neutrogena Body Oil is the product that I added to my routine this winter and I honestly can’t imagine my day to day without it at this point. This year, Neutrogena Body Oil is celebrating its 50th anniversary which totally speaks volumes about this product. Beauty products come and go very quickly, so having one on store shelves for 50 years tells that it’s a favorite of many people. (Check out the awesome vintage ad below from oh so many years ago – this product is a staple for so many!)


I’ve been a fan of replacing body moisturizer with oil during the winter months for quite some time, starting with my face, but I love that this light sesame oil formula instantly absorbs into skin, sealing in moisture without a greasy after-feel. I don’t have to worry about it soaking through to my clothes – it simply leaves my skin soft, locking in moisture that I would have otherwise lost. The oil is dermatologist tested, so you know it won’t clog your pores. In fact, it helps me overcome breakouts that I get on my back.


As a little bonus tip, I try to take baths a little bit more frequently during these cold months and throw in a few drops (or a capful) of the Neutrogena Body Oil in my water and it helps boost my skin’s moisture. Beyond the immediate affects that my skin can feel within seconds of applying, I love how simple it is. (I’m all about simplicity in my life these days.) There’s no multi-steps to get great moisturized skin, just pat dry after getting out of the shower (leaving our skin a wee bit wet) and run in all over your body. You will feel the difference!

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