Going Bare – The Natural Makeup Tutorial

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Hey pretty ladies!

So as I have said in the past, I’m starting to pay a little bit more attention to beauty trends rather than just doing my own thing – and it’s really fun! A couple months ago, I saw a segment on Good Morning America with Bobbi Brown talking about the minimal makeup trend, and I started thinking how beautiful their models looked, but also how effortless the whole trend was. In the months that have passed, I see this being called the minimal makeup trend and the bare face makeup trend, but either way it is everywhere! So, I created a super easy, natural makeup tutorial for you all.

We decided to highlight this amazing beauty trend for you all because its something so easy for busy Mamas to achieve and look like you are fresh and glowing – what could be better than that? So we headed to the beautiful Pucker makeup studio here in SoHo and learned how to rock this look with an easy minimal makeup tutorial.


 Why do I love the minimal makeup trend and thought it was important to make a minimal makeup tutorial? I love the ease of it all! I don’t have to worry about digging for specific colors from my makeup bag, blending, worrying about being in the right lighting – none of that. Whenever I do this, it’s a very easy way to know that I have a fresh face and am ready to take on the day’s challenges. All you need are the basics from your makeup bag and you will be ready to go! It also saves some major time in the morning!

Watch our natural makeup tutorial here:

Many of the products that I used in this natural makeup tutorial can be found in my simplifying your makeup bag guide, but here are a few specifics:

Foundation: Au Natural Cream Foundation – $38

Mascara: Benenfit They’re Real – $33

Blush: Stila Cream Blush – $25 (doubles as a lip, too!)

Concealer: Au Naturale Cream Concealer – $24 

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  1. I love the minimal look for everyday wear – it’s just so quick and easy. I will admit that I prefer a little more makeup when going out though.

  2. I don’t ever wear makeup but I love to watch tutorials on how to wear it naturally. Thanks for this post!

  3. Minimal make-up is good, highlighting natural beauty. That said, I also like bright pink lipstick!

  4. I love makeup! I have heard great things about BareMinerals thanks for the tutorial I like seeing the makeup in action.

  5. thats my favorite look for sure, a quick application and Iam gone. I have to try doing the blush to my cheek bones though.

  6. I usually wear makeup on weekends but this is such a perfect everyday look! I never have time before work to put on makeup but this looks pretty simple and fast that I may have to try!

  7. Beautiful! I’m all about a minimal makeup look. It’s fast, easy, and looks the best in my opinion 🙂

  8. i love makeup tutorials!
    So much fun!

  9. I am a big fan of less is more and I usually only wear eyeliner and maybe a dab of concealer depending on whether or not I have a red dot that needs covering!

  10. Allison,

    I love this look. I prefer the minimal when it comes to make up too, simple, fast, and yet it looks really great!

  11. I am horrible with make up. I wear the bare, but I feel like it is too bare. I really want to get some quality make up from a professional who can pick it out for me and show me how to use it.

  12. Great tutorial! It looks great. I love the minimalistic look.

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