Graco Baby Swings: The One Every New Parent Must Own

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About a week before Blake was born, we bought a bouncy seat. We needed a seat or swing of some sort, as it was the absolute last thing on our list of baby needs. We found one online on a whim and clicked “purchase.” It was a cute seat, don’t get me wrong – but it didn’t do exactly what we wanted it to, or more accurately – Blake didn’t have the reaction that we wanted. I should have gone with my gut instinct and got another of the Graco baby swings right away (this was one of the only ways I could get baby Branden to sleep many moons ago), but I didn’t. I learned my lesson and now have the Graco Oasis Swing With Soothe Surround Sound. (Spoiler alert: it’s perfection.)

graco baby swings 2

Yup, there’s our sweet little one chillin in her new favorite “toy.” But in all seriousness, this swing has made my life so much easier and lulls her into a deep sleep so that I can get things done or simply have my hands free from time to time. If you watch my video (below) you will see what my nick name is for our new favorite piece of baby gear.

Check out our video of the Graco Baby Swings:

This music is a great addition that most other swings don’t have, which is a fantastic added bonus. There is also something about the shape that is cozzier to our little Blake than her crib, so she takes many naps in her Graco  Oasis Swing with Soothe Surround Technology during the day.

graco baby swingsWhat’s your current favorite of the Graco baby swings? We seriously couldn’t live without this one!

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