The Ultimate Guide to Babywearing Like a Pro

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Interested in babywearing your newborn? My guide is where to start for full babywearing benefits and safe babywearing practices.

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The Ultimate Guide to Babywearing Like a Pro

Babywearing is my life. We did it a tiny bit with Branden, but I knew being a city mama this time around that it was going to be a way of life for me this time around. Babywearing is how I get around the city, as we only use the stroller whenever my hubbs is there to help us carry the beast up and down subway steps. But it’s also so much more than that as I cart her around the house in it, too. Babywearing has become a way of life for me and now I want to share my ultimate guide to babywearing like a pro so that you can master and experience all the babywearing benefits, too.


Tips for babywearing

So first things first, you need to find the right baby carrier for you. There are SO many different ones out there now that you really need to do your research to narrow down what works best for you and your partner. For us, we wanted something that was gender neutral since both my husband and I would be using it (he automatically vetoed any kind that was a wrap style) and I wanted something I felt secure wearing. For me, the wrap style made me a little bit nervous – but that’s just me! I also wanted something that could be worn on the front or back and was lightweight, so we settled on the Baby Bjorn Air One in Silver.


I have to admit that I was a little bit nervous strapping her in and wearing it for the first time (so much that I made Chris wear her on our trip home from the hospital, which you can see a picture of HERE), so I recommend playing with is a bit before putting baby inside.


The Ultimate Guide to Babywearing Like a Pro

Here’s what I’ve learned so far that will really help change your experience if you are unsure.

Babywearing benefits

Why babywear?

Everyone has their own answer for this question. For me, it was obviously because we live in the city and it’s the easiest way for us to get around. I’m not an attachment parent at all by any means (not that I’m knocking those who are!), but it’s also been great to have her close to me when we are in the house as well. It gives me power as a mom to be hands free and be able to do things like wash dishes, type, clean, fold laundry – whatever! There are also stats that prove that babies who are worn in a carrier for 3 hours or more per day are less likely to cry and sleep longer hours, so it’s beneficial in so many ways.

What should you consider when choosing a baby carrier?

Like I mentioned before, you must decide what works for you and your routine. There are so many different baby carriers out there such as wraps, Mei Tais (soft bodied and tied at the waist), buckled, ring sling, sling, pouches and there are also numerous types of babywearing clothing and accessories. But beyond the type of carrier the two main things to consider are: making sure baby will be proper positioned and making sure its comfortable.


Is babywearing safe?

Yes, yes, yes! As long as everything is done properly then baby is 100% safe. Think of it like this: a baby carrier is another piece of baby gear that you get for your child, so put as much time into choosing it and learning how to do it as you would installing their car seat.

Safe babywearing

The most important babywearing safety tips are…

The most important thing to consider when babywearing is making sure that your child is upright, tummy to tummy position and has a clear airways. For newborns, make sure that they meet weight requirements (ours was a minimum of 8 pounds). Most of their weight should be in their bum, not resting on their legs. I don’t recommend using an outward facing carrier because it’s very difficult for a baby to fall asleep or calm themselves in the position (look into back or his carrying carriers instead). And lastly, make sure that your carried is backed by the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance.

How do I incorporate my diaper bag when babywearing?

I shared before my favorite backpack option in THIS post and still can’t recommend the Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Chic Diaper Backpack – it makes life so much easier for me! Baby goes in front, diaper bag on the back – what more could a mama want? I also make sure that I carry my keys and a little zipped purse with my credit card and metro card handy as well as my phone for easy access.

Have anymore questions?! Ask away in the comments below! I hope that my guide to babywearing has served you well and made your mama life a wee bit easier! Xoxo

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