Hair Color Trends – Anything Goes in 2015!

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For years, we all wanted our dyed or bleached hair to look like we were born that way. Which makes me recall with true affection my former hairdresser, who broke that mold with her big white-platinum hair, even bigger breast implants, very dark permanent eyeliner, and multi-colored tatoos proudly on display.  One night in a club a group of girls huddled together to look Lacy up and down while gossiping loudly, “Look how fake she is!”  My uber confident friend sashayed right over to them, asking with acidly amused composure, “What part of this do you think I wanted to look natural?” I had to love Lacy the second I heard that, and I’m sure she is having another laugh now, as hair color trends for 2015 clearly indicate that Anything Goes!Beautiful young woman with long hair isolated on white

The need to appear natural when it comes to hair has clearly been abandoned since the days when Lacy was assessed with such disdain. We’ve seen lighter than light blondes, darker to almost black brunettes, and blazing reds that no one believed were anything other than out of a bottle. Burgundys, purples, greens, and blues began to appear on the young and edgy. We began obsessing over highlights and lowlights and lately the ombre look,  proudly flaunting our noticeable trips to the salon.

With today’s improved color technologies, you can choose to have virtually any color or colors of hair in the rainbow, in any combination, and even the so-called “natural” hues are now richer and bolder with an abundance of variety.  Happily, these new color formulas are less likely to fade and and are applied with more artistry and creative touches than ever.

Hair color trends in 2015 take advantage of these innovations, mixed with creativity and an “anything goes” attitude.

Our Favorite Hair Color Trends of 2015

50 shades of red and beyond. Redheads today can look naturally ginger or go for dramatic unnatural shades. One very fun new shade of red is also the Pantone Color of the Year, Marsala, a wine red shade sure to turn other heads wherever you go.  Cherry soda red, strawberry skewing to chocolate, blonde turning to pink…the versatility of red for today’s hair seems endless. Check out our latest body shape confession to see someone who really knows how to wear red (hair).


Hair color trends – red is in!
Photo Credit: Isle of You

Warm and richer browns. Think Amal Clooney and her dark coffee brown tresses. Think Sofia Vergara and her beautiful honey brown hair complementing her gorgeous skin tone. There has never been a more wonderful time to be a brunette, with techniques for adding dimension like Balayage, which paints the second shade of color on the hair surface. This technique makes a beautiful transition for those who adore some movement in their shade of brown, without the more definitive color shifts achieved in foiling. With these rich brunette hues, many of the newly sleek styles, like radical pull backs and tossed buns look fantastic.

Versatile blonds. There are so many more ways to go blonde today. One of the more beautiful shades is one best described as caramel blonde. And there is also a shift toward darker blonde with a brown undertone that looks very now. If you like soft highlights, ask your hairdresser for baby lights, which are employ softly fluctuating changes in shades, that works very well for blondes. Sombre is a new twist on ombre, with softer transitioning from blonde at the roots to slightly lighter blonde. Blonde hair in all these hues lends itself to beachy looking hairstyles, complimenting the intentionally unstyled look that is all over the runway (and the Swimsuit Edition) now.

Crayola colors. You don’t have to be at an Emo concert to see blue, green, or purple on hair these days. Women of all ages are letting their hair down and experimenting with vibrant colors like Purple Punch, Ripe Lemon Yellow, and Laser Orange. Often a combination of bold crayon colors appear on the same head, with a model on the runway sporting green and purple combined in her hair to great effect. Whatever color you choose, just be sure to find a hairdresser you trust, like my old friend Lacy or my newest hair magician Shari at Isle of You.

Silver hair trend!

Silver hair trend!

Silver Shine. Not to rush any of you ladies into the silver fox category of life, but we simply must point out some new shades of grey being worn by women who aren’t naturally grey at all. These are silver or white hues for now style that doesn’t wanna wait for the years to provide. For those with skin tones that benefit from cooler shades instead of warmer, the “Icy Princess” look tends toward white silver shades instead of gold (blonde) and is easily combined with blue. It’s perfect for those who embrace edgier looks and love turning heads in the process.

The greatest part of all these hair color trends is…you can keep on changing them, without much more difficulty than buying new clothes! None of us need to feel locked into a hair color today. So, my fair ladies, go darker, go lighter, go bolder…shake yourself out of that rut by taking your tresses out of boring!

What hair shade are you dying to try for spring?

Fashionably yours,


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