Cooking With POM

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**This is a sponsored post. As always, opinions are my own.**

I think the best seasonal ingredients come around in the fall—pumpkin, squash, apple and pomegranates!  Pomegranate season starts in October, and the cheery red-purple is a classically fall color.  Plus, they have all kinds of amazing health benefits and yield some pretty wonderful healthy holiday meal ideas.  On Thursday, October 20th, I joined POM Wonderful and MomTrends for a cooking demo featuring this versatile and delicious super-seed.


Our dinner party started off with appetizers and cocktails, all with a pomegranate flair, of course!  We had Moroccan Shrimp and a Pomegranate Bruschetta, all while sipping on Dapper Devils (gin pairs surprisingly well with the sweet, rich taste of POM juice).  After that, I had a chance to get my hands deliciously dirty, learning to incorporate pomegranate arils into quinoa, roasted salmon, chicken salads, and even guacamole.  You can put pomegranate in anything at all!


The flavor of the pomegranate adds depth and a tart, sweet kick to just about anything you love in the kitchen.  For such a tiny seed, it packs a ton of flavor and is incredibly nutrient dense.  They’re loaded with vitamins A, C and E, and are a great source of fiber. They also have more antioxidants than a glass of wine or even a cup of green tea, making them a guilt-free sweet snack.


If you want to try incorporating pomegranate into your family’s meals, but you don’t want to deal with the headache and the mess, check the produce section between October and January for POM POMS, a convenient, pre-packed serving of pomegranate arils.  You can use these to cook with, toss on a salad or a parfait, or even eat them straight from the package.

I hope that I helped inspire some healthy holiday meal ideas for both entertaining and making family dinners more special this season!

What’s your favorite super-food snack?

Fashionably Yours,


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