32 Week Bumpdate + Hippie Maternity Style

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Well, 32 weeks has proven to be very, very different than my 24 week bumpdate. It’s truly amazing how quickly things can change. It has also solidified my feelings of temptation with storing a little porta-potty right next to my bed – even though our bathroom is a mere 5 feet away. Am I right? To say that this pregnancy has been a challenge is an understatement – and I’m ready to give Baby C her eviction notice any day now!


I have a group of friends of mine from high school and we are/were all due one month apart and they have all been feeling wonderful. Me? Lets just say it’s been a lot to handle for someone who is used to going non stop. I’m not typically one to complain, just trying to keep it real! My husband says that I always look grumpy since I’ve been pregnant and as much as I try to be my normal self, it’s been tough. So for this fun little shoot, I turned that frown upside down and put on one of my favorite dresses from Pink Blush Maternity and channeled one of my favorites – hippie style!


As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, we’re dealing with quite the conundrum whenever it comes to how her birth is going to go. My husband has to go away in August for two week of Army Reserve training right around her due date and even though he will only be a 5 hour drive from home, there’s a chance that his superiors may not allow him to leave whenever I go into labor. If they do, he needs to find his own way home – unless they allow him to drive himself to training, we’ll see about that one.


So, I’m chugging iced raspberry leaf tea by the pitcher and keeping my fingers crossed that this little lady decides to make an appearance early. My midwife and I have also been discussing some other options to help her come early, too.


I have been saying for a good 5 weeks now, before the whole training issue, that I think this little lady wants out early. While her big brother stayed in an extra week, she is super duper active and I think ready to come out and meet her family that she hears talking about her all the time.


While taking these pictures, we came across a little garden path called “Allison’s Walk” that we just had to take one quick picture in front of, before the sprinklers hit us! Anyways… I’m truly starting to see what people say when they talk about each pregnancy being different, because mine have been like night and day. AND, us women don’t remember much of anything except that little baby being handed to us at the end, or else we may never do it again.


I saved my favorite for last. It’s so amazing to imagine that this little bowling ball that I carry around every single day, that causes me to barely sleep at night, have shooting pains in my side so bad that I toss and turn until morning finally creeps, will bring me so much joy in [hopefully] 7 weeks. But I guess that’s why it’s called the “joy of motherhood,” there is so much love, so many memories to create, and you can’t have those sweet moments without some sour beginnings.

Fashionably Yours,




  1. Oh no! Hang in there. It’s hard but try to enjoy it as much as possible. And you look amazing! She’ll be here before you know it! Sending you hugs!

    • Allison Cooper says:

      I’m trying to enjoy, it’s just tough sometimes. Was definitely easier when I was younger lol

  2. You look great, girl! The dress looks amazing on you! I’m currently 26 weeks 🙂

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