Holiday Gift Guide 2017 For Dad

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This post contains affiliate links. 

Why are men always so hard to shop for? I’m not really sure. Maybe it’s because they aren’t quite as forthcoming about what they want as we are, which results in them getting things like hot sauce and dress shirts every year. Today, I’m shaking things up and really analyzed the hot gadgets, clothes and accessories that are topping dads list this holiday season. Check out our full list of every gift you need for everyone in your life here and get shopping!

1. The super luxe gym bag, AER Bags, $170

I promise you, dad wants a fantastic gym bag that is just as cool as the handbags that mom carries around – but in a very masculine way. This bag is it and he will totally thank you for the upgrade.

2. GoPro Hero 6,, $499

My husband bought this before our trip to Disney and it was a worthy investment. It’s not just for guys who want to do everything active and outdoors, but takes amazing video memories on you and your family that you will be so thankful for!

3. The cool guy sunglasses, Superdry, $35

Dad wants cool glasses, too and these are so inexpensive and chic that he will be thrilled to find them in his stocking.

4. Fitbit Alta Special Edition, Nordstrom, $179

We all know that dad wants the latest in tech and this is the biggest wellness upgrade yet! The special edition Fitbit has up to 7 days of battery life and will let him know how intense his workouts are and more accurately how many calories he’s burning. He will become obsessed!

5. Beard Oil, London Beard Company, $25

For every dad that has a beard, this is a must. I got this for my husband’s stocking this year and can’t wait to see how it transforms the course hairs so that I can actually snuggle up against his face again.

6. The wear everywhere shoes, Crocs, $55

Who knew that Crocs could actually be cool? Not me until I saw these. They are a very inexpensive, everyday shoe that are comfortable, easy to clean and look great with his favorite bootleg jeans!

7. Beats Sole 3, Khol’s, $299

There’s pretty much nothing cooler than receiving these under the tree if you’re the dad who is super into music.

8. Temperature Regulating Blanket, Target, $90

If you fight with your husband over the blankets at night, then this is a gift you will enjoy, too. This blanket will regulate your temperature for a much better night’s sleep. Perfection!

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9. Bose QuietControl 30, Nordstrom, $299

Another gift for the music lover to plug into their speakers or phone, and these ones cancel out all the noise around them.

10. Google Home, Bed Bath And Beyond, $125

All tech loving dads know that Google Home is where it’s at. Don’t let him be the only guy without it.

11. Star Wars Pajama Pants, Gap, $35

I mean….these are just too cool. Gap did a lot with Star Wars and jammies this year and there are even versions for the kiddos – Star Wars fun for the whole fam!

12. TrackR Pixel, Bed Bath And Beyond, $25

This just might be one of the coolest inventions ever as it will actually help dad find his keys. Can you imagine not having to hunt for those things every single day? Praise!

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