Hourglass Body Shape Confessions – Featuring Lori Berkowitz Photography

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Need some inspiration from a fellow hourglass body shape? Lori Berkowitz of Lori Berkowitz Photography shares her confession today.

Hourglass Body Shape Confessions

Do you have an hourglass body shape and are in need of a little inspiration from a fellow hourglass lady? Look no further because today I’m sharing a Mama-to-be confession from the beautiful (and glowing) Lori Berkowitz from Lori Berkowitz Photography! So here is a little confession of my own, I met Lori whenever she offered an amazing boudoir photography session last year. Yes, I stripped down and barred it all (well most of it) for the camera and she truly gave me the confidence that I needed to feel beautiful in that very intimate state. The pictures turned out amazing and I truly encourage you to contact her for a special session of your own – confidence boost included!


Lori Berkowitz Shares Her Hourglass Body Shape Confessionlori2

Lori has been in love with photography from the moment was handed a Canon SLR at age twelve by her grandfather, and the rest is history! She captures beautiful moments and truly celebrates each person she is photographing. Some of her celebrity clients include Price Harry and Mary J. Blige, but she also shoots amazing portraits and boudoir photo shoots with a photojournalist’s timeliness and artist’s eye. But today, it’s all about Lori stepping out from behind the camera and getting in front of it to share with the world how she rocks her hourglass body shape.

How would you describe your style?

Classic NYC with a touch of trend! (Otherwise known as black foundation and colorful trendy accessories).

What are your biggest body shape struggles?

Right now I’m heading into my 4th month of pregnancy and I’m dealing with some additional curves! My bra has gone up 3 cup sizes already and I think I’ve seen the last of my waist for a while.lori3

What are your favorite parts about your body shape?

I love my small waist and being able to pull off an hourglass shape at a mere 5′ tall!

What are 3 tips that you can share about mastering dressing your body shape?

A v-neck really helps lengthen the look of my torso, as well as a longer line necklace. I like my shirts fitted at the waist, nothing too boxy else my favorite body part gets lost. I’m petite so hemming sleeves and pants is a must.

What is your body shape confession?

I mostly excited but a little scared about all the pregnancy changes happening to my body!

Are you interested in having your blog featured on Project Motherhood and sharing your body shape confessions story? We share this series multiple times a year and would love to hear from you! Email allison@projectmotherhoodnyc.com for more details!

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