Hourglass Body Shape: Shopping For Blazers

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Happy Tuesday Mamas!

As we approach the last body shape in our blazer series–the hourglass body shape–I wanted to talk a little bit about fit for a second, honing in on details that are pertinent to all body shapes, because there are some fit details that carry across:

  • Just like you would a jacket or coat, keep in mind that your blazer will be layered over shirts, so trying on blazers with these layers underneath is important.
  • Use those seams as your guide! If you try on a blazer, make sure the sounder seams hit at the shoulders–not falling off or too sort, and so on. Don’t forget about sleeve length, if it is too long, take it to your trusted tailor for alterations. 
  • Think about the button placement–where it’s hitting you or if you want a button/s or not!
  • Pay attention to the pockets, and make sure they aren’t distracting or adding unwanted bulk.

Shopping For Blazers For The Hourglass Body Shape



Avoid: Stay away from blazers that are double breasted or ones that are overly embellished–your figure will draw enough attention without any added details. But with that being said, you can still choose blazers that are made of beautiful prints, just make sure to be conscious of how its looking overall.

Look For: Blazers that fall at your mid-hip, enhancing your curves are your best choice. Shoulder pads will surprisingly balance out your figure and give you an overall structured look.

Silhouette: Single-breasted silhouettes look beautiful on the hourglass body shape, as well as blazers that come with belts or other waist cinching alternatives.

Fabrication:  Avoid bulk fabrics that will add any extra volume, and focus on sleek, spandexy materials that will hug your curves!

Shop our favorite blazers for the hourglass body shape:

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