Hourglass Body Shape: Skirts That Fit!

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Hello my hourglass ladies–today is all about YOU!

Overall, skirts are such a fun way to add some dimension to your wardrobe in a very fun and comfortable way. Retailers have actually been reporting that the sales of skinny jeans are at an all time LOW–meaning that women are turning to different trends and spending their money in different places whenever they shop. While skinny jeans are great, they are boring to wear on a daily basis–it’s time to try something NEW!

Shopping For Skirts For The Hourglass Body Shape


Avoid: You want to make sure to avoid anything that is going to add extra fabric to your hip and thigh area, where you are carrying the extra weight.Be strategic about where extra fabric is being placed and where it will fall on your bod, avoiding anything that is particularly straight up and down. Straight lines will add the appearance of extra weight that isn’t really there, while curving pieces work with those curves!

Look For: When on the prowl for a new skirt, look for pieces that are particularly high waisted, giving you a lengthier silhouette and really showing off your curve! Looking for skirts that have side zippers will help to prevent any extra bulk hovering around the area of the zipper and leading the eye away from all the important areas!

Fabrication: Skirts that are cut on the bias that gives a little extra stretch to the fabric are your true winners! Fine jersey and silks are also great, but make sure to avoid anything stiff because that will ultimately lead to a straight appearance. Any fabric that adds a little elastane to it is a go-to.

Silhouette: Your two best silhouettes will be pencil skirts that accentuate your curves or a fuller skirt that is adjustable at the waist so that it’s narrow at the waist and flows over your hips.


Shop our favorite skirts for the hourglass body shape:

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