How To Fake a Good Night’s Sleep

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So I will say this right away, my son is 7, so sleepless nights are far and few between for me these days – thank goodness! I’m not bragging, I promise, because I’ve been in the same sleepy shoes as many of you whenever Branden was a wee one. I remember that my little guy hated sleeping in his bassinet, so I spent many nights sleeping on the couch while he dozed on and off (in between bottles, of course), occupied by the lull of this swing. Always wanting to put my best foot forward, I often woke up hours before him on days we had visitors or him and I had plans to be out and about while Daddy was at work, and made myself look presentable – not an easy task when you can count your hours of sleep on one hand.

Branden fast asleep in his favorite spot!

Branden fast asleep in his favorite spot!

So yes, I’ve strived to fake many nights sleep and it was often a failed attempt since I have didn’t have the right influencer guiding me. Whenever my inbox started filling with questions from readers about not getting enough sleep and how to “fake it until they made it,” I knew it was time to discuss with Pucker Makeup Studio! So pretty, sleep deprived Mamas, your questions of how to fake a good night’s sleep are answered below!


Watch our video tips for how to fake a good night’s sleep here:

There are some absolutely amazing beauty products on the market that help is moms do all the faking that we need! Two of my favorites are the Bare Minerals Bareskin concealer (its made such a difference in hiding my dark circles) and the It Cosmetics Light Power Illuminizer – just a little dab in the corners of your eye is all you need!

Here are some more great beauty finds from Amazon:

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    Ugh, I so don;t miss those days of 2 or 3 hours of sleep a night. It looks like you guys have found the solution, though 🙂 I love it.

  2. My husband and I when our 2nd was a baby and he was laid off, we would rotate night feedings so the other parent could sleep.Unless he is on 3rd shift when this baby is born by June, then I intend on doing the same. Our kids slept all night from 3 months old on.

    Glad you found something that works!

  3. My daughters have been trading illnesses lately so sleep is definitely lacking in our house lately. I could use these tips!

  4. This is fabulous! I feel like I haven’t slept in almost 12 years (since I had my first child) and I always have big circles under my eyes. Thanks for these amazing tips!

  5. With the cold & flu season still hitting so many homes, there are still lots of sleepless nights for parents of older kids. These are great tips.

  6. There’s not much worse than someone telling you look tired, even if you do. This is a great workaround!

  7. Great tips! There’s been a few times that make-up has saved the day!

  8. My kids sleep through the night now, but I remember those long restless nights all too well. I still have them, but that’s because I’m choosing to stay up and work as much as I can. I appreciate these tips.
    Thanks for sharing them with us.

  9. Thank goodness mine is older now. Great tips, for when her dang cats wake me up playing with a superball in my room though (like early this morning…grr)

  10. Great tips that I sorely need. I have not had a good nights sleep in 9 years!!!

  11. I need this and my kids are all teenagers that sleep all the time.. Ha! I think I’m getting old and my body needs more sleep but it just isn’t happening.

  12. Bookmarking this! I love that there is a way to fake sleep! Wahoo! Thanks for the tips!

  13. Lynsey Jones says:

    Thankfully my girls have always been great sleepers, but really what I find helps a lot too is to make sure you are REALLY hydrated. The more water you drink, the more refreshed you look.

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