How to Find Your Personal Style

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I’m not going to lie…SOMETIMES style can be a tricky thing. Let’s be honest here, we spend our lives going back and forth between runway shows, fashion magazine, and fashion blogs, all to be left wondering: what about my personal style? How do I remain true to myself, while still being considered to be fashionable by today’s standards?

So, let’s look at two scenarios –

Scenario 1: Walking into a room with all eyes on you hearing a constant buzz of “Wow! You look great!” and “Where have you been shopping lately? I need to take you along with me as my personal stylist.”

vs.  Scenario #2: Walking into a room and noticing that people are whispering about you.

We all know we want to fall into Scenario 1, but it can be hard, since we have so many opposing fashion rules being thrown at us at all times. Plus, we dress differently for a variety of situations and events. For example, you dress much differently for the office or business meeting than you would to a charity event, or even yoga for that matter. So, lets take it step by step and figure out what works best for us.

How to Find Your Personal Style

Step #1: Body Shape

First, you must learn your body shape and what type of clothing works well on your body shape. There are pros and cons of every body shape in existence, and knowing what works for you is key to knowing and expressing your personal style. (Refer to “Being Fashion Conscious: Dressing For Your Body Type” for more details on this step).

Having a firm grasp on what types of clothing will work with your body helps to enhance all those amazing pros while minimizing the cons. Being an informed Mama can be the difference between showstopper and embarrassment!

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Step #2: Observe Your Closet

I’m sure that if you take a long, hard look at your current wardrobe (accessories and all!), you will notice some trends. I don’t mean looking for what sandals were hot last summer, but recurring trends among your clothing choices. Look for things such as:

  • Your favorite go-to pieces
  • Colors that you purchase and wear all the time
  • Colors that you buy that just sit in your closet
  • Your favorite silhouettes

If you are not sure about colors, it is good to have a make-up expert tell you about your coloring and what shades you would look best wearing and what shades to avoid. This is true not only for make-up, but for clothing as well. Beyond that, knowing what it is you really love about your existing wardrobe will help you make better decisions moving forward.

Step #3: Comfort Level


Everyone has a different level of comfort whenever it comes to fashion. You need to figure out what yours is so that you don’t purchase expensive pieces on a whim, thinking that you will wear them…. eventually. Always choose pieces that are in your comfort level, no matter where you are shopping. This comfort level doesn’t just apply to how scandalous or bright or edgy a garment can be, but the price as well. If you don’t feel comfortable spending $300 on a pair of trousers, don’t do it just because Harper’s Bazaar told you to. And never buy clothing in a size you are merely dreaming about!

Step #4: Signature Piece

Miranda Priestly’s signature piece in The Devil Wears Prada was to tie a white silk Hermes scarf to something in her daily ensemble. You too should have something that is your own special signature! ( I’m NOT suggesting that you run out and purchase a lifetime supply of silk Hermes scarves, as you will most likely spend all of your money and I don’t want to be responsible for that!) Perhaps you have a special piece of jewelry, or you love to sport a drop dead pair of shoes or even a hat.  Or, maybe your style involves a certain quirkiness or you lean instead toward classic lines. Think about what Kathryn Hepburn’s personal style of wearing men’s wear did for her!

So be like the iconic Ms. Hepburn – embrace your style and let it work for you.

In addition to thinking about steps #1-4, I want to hear from you about how important personal style is to you!

Fashionably Yours,


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