How to Shop Your Closet (And Save Money NOW!)

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Every season we can become obsessed with buying new clothes, but if you are on a budget, you can easily shop your closet to style looks and save money now!

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shop your closet

How to Shop Your Closet (And Save Money NOW!)

From experience, there are a few things that us fashion obsessed women do after we go shopping:

  1. Become obsessed with items, wear them out, then throw them in the back of the closet and forget about them.
  2. Forget all together about things we purchase.

We LOVE to go shopping and buy new clothes, only to wear them a decent amount of times before we start complaining that, “We have NOTHING to wear!” Well ladies…I’m here to tell you that you DO indeed have clothing to wear, and instead of hitting up your favorite boutique this weekend, you should take some time to actually shop your closet and you just might be surprised what you find!

Some items you might want to help you get organized while you shop your closet:

Fist, you might want to check out our fashion storage guide to cheaply get organized since you’ll be cleaning things out anyways.

How to go shop your closet:

I swear, it’s possible to shop your closet and look just as glam as if you had been to the hottest boutique in town – promise!

Step 1: Clear your schedule for the day, the same way you would if you were going to actually be hitting up the mall for a few hours. The process is going to take time, and most likely some cleaning up afterwards. Make sure that your partner knows that you will be taking over the bedroom for the afternoon and messing it up, while promising that you will clean it up!

Step 2: Go through the items in your closet one by one. Don’t forget to check the floor, because many times items fall off hangers and then become out of sight, out of mind.

Step 3: Take some time to re-evaluate what you own while you shop your closet. Do you need to get rid of things (pilled, stretched out, stained, too big/too small, or unflattering)? Are you able to recycle garments? Or did you just find your favorite shirt that you thought was long gone? Separate everything into three piles: pitching, donating (or resale-ing), and keeping.

Step 4: Play stylist for the day! Take some time to truly examine every garment and try to find a new use for it. Try taking dressier items and making them more casual with an over-sized sweater. Don’t hesitate to mix seasonal items. And most importantly, don’t hesitate to get creative with colors and patterns!

Step 5: Organize everything in a way that makes the most sense to you, so that you always know where everything is. There is nothing worse than looking for something you know is in your closet, but not being able to get your hands on it!

What are your favorite ways to shop your closet?

Fashionably Yours,


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