Cheap Hostess Gift Ideas

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Looking some cheap hostess gift ideas to hand out when attending a party? These ideas won’t break the bank and some you can even make yourself!

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Cheap Hostess Gift Ideas

It’s fun being a party host, right?! Well…most of the time! There is so much to think about and get organized during the weeks in advance of your big event that it can easily get overwhelming – and quickly! Sometimes it’s nice to sit back, relax, and be the one attending the fab holiday parties. So with the holidays quickly approaching and holiday parties upon us, it’s important for us super chic Mamas to make sure that we are arriving to these events with the best party host gifts for our hostess with the mostess. I know the holidays are expensive, so these cheap hostess gift ideas won’t break the bank.

I get it: with all the presents that we are purchasing to share with our loved ones, the price of hostess gifts can quickly add to the holiday stress. There is no need to overdo it – as there are plenty of inexpensive party host gifts to choose from! To help you avoid that extra strain, below are some great, simple ideas for beautiful party hostess gifts that won’t break the bank and some of these cheap hostess gift ideas can even be made by you with things you already have at home.

First, some pointers for your cheap hostess gift ideas:

  1. Make sure the gift is something that you would love to receive.
  2. Choose a gift that your hostess can actually use.
  3. Keep it simple; practical gifts are better than over the top options.

My cheap hostess gift ideas:

Wine. I know this is an obvious one, but I’m not suggesting just ANY bottle of wine here. Opt for something that you KNOW your host/hostess with LOVE! Once the wine is chosen, spend a tiny bit of money on wrapping the bottle. If you are an amateur (Like me!) at wrapping wine bottles, check out this awesome video posted by Anna de Codorniu called “How to Wrap a Bottle of Wine” and all you need is some inexpensive wrapping paper (like this!).

Glass Ornaments. Our childhoods were filled with creating homemade ornaments in school and Girl Scouts, and now that we are Mamas, we get all those “beautiful” ornaments coming from our children. Sometimes it’s nice to be handed a special ornament to hang on the tree that is actually made by an adult! These are my current favorites for only $5 from Nordstrom! If you want to get a little bit fancy with is, especially around the holidays, try these hot chocolate ornaments!

The host/hostess’ favorite coffee or tea. Believe me, after planning a well-planned event, your host or hostess will LOVE to roll out of bed the next morning and have their favorite coffee or tea on hand and ready to brew! I love giving a simple Starbucks flavored syrup and Starbucks coffee – they will need some caffeine after throwing a party!

Pre-packaged “Homemade” Pasta. In NYC, we have the luxury of stopping into Eataly and grabbing a bag of beautiful dry pasta, straight from Italy. But no matter where you are, there is somewhere you can pick up some fun pasta and take it home to re-package in a crafty way, which makes it one of my favorite cheap hostess gift ideas. Shop my favorite dry pasta here and if you’re interested in learning more about Eataly, here’s the official cookbook!

DIY Cocktail Mixers. There are  so many yummy cocktail mixer recipes that you can find on the web with just a few easy ingredients!  Just pour ’em into a $3 glass bottle from Michael’s and watch people go CRAZY when you arrive! This Element Blueberry Rosemary Shrub is so fancy, organic and makes a great gift.

Homemade Chocolate Dipped Items. Is there really anything that exists that doesn’t taste great dipped in chocolate? I think NOT! Try Oreos, marshmallows, pretzels, even bacon…and maybe roll in some sprinkles! Voila! These dark chocolate covered espresso beans are my favorites!

Lips scrub! Yes, lips scrub is a wonderful cheap part host gift that everyone (both men and women) will love that you can honestly make with things you already have in your kitchen or bathroom. I have a full recipe here for you to easily follow!

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What are your favorite cheap hostess gift ideas? I’m honestly always looking to add to my list. I think it’s so nice to gift the warm people who throw parties all year long with a little token of our appreciation. Happy holidays everyone!

Fashionably Yours,


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