Styling Flared Denim

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I will happily admit that as soon as skinny denim became “the in thing,” I jumped on it like a crazy woman. I talk about making sure to dress for your body shape all the time and know what works with your body (aka always show off your assets) and for me – my legs were that thing. (If you need more advice, check out my Dressing For Your Body Shape Series HERE!) But before then, I did love my flared denim and Lucky Brand was always my go-to. So since I decided that I’m reinventing my postpartum style, I decided to kick skinny jeans to the curb (but not completely!) and share a little “how to style flared denim” post – because we can all wear it and shouldn’t be afraid of it.


For this entire look, I went to my beloved TJMaxx to get some great finds for super cheap and put together this layered look that is really fun for fall. I’m really into vests this season and also love a baggy shirt that is not only great for layering, but hides my not-so-favorable areas around my stomach.


How to Style Flared Denim

It really doesn’t have to be as tricky as you think! Here are my tips:

  1. Be very conscious of fit and make sure that they are tailored to your body type. If a pair is super long, but fit up top – get them hemmed! That’s what I did with these, because most denim is long on my anyways. And most definitely make sure that they’re hemmed to the right height to wear with the shoes you are planning to wear with them. (Hem Tape also works well, if you’re lazy like me!)
  2. If you’re a shortly like me – rock them with some heels or wedges!
  3. If wearing them with a drapey top (like me) make sure that it’s tucked or has an elastic waist that gives the illusion your shirt is tucked.
  4. Don’t buy flared denim that overwhelms your legs, so pay attention to the volume and make sure what you wear on top isn’t extremely voluminous. (Hint: if you do want to go the voluminous routine, do it with a coat or blazer.)
  5. As always, take an honest friend shopping with you since this is a trickier item to buy on your own!



Lastly, I have an amazing source for alterations and fit HERE if you need some insight – this is one of the most important aspects of getting the right fit in everything.

Shop the post here:

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  1. You look great! Thanks for the tips. I picked up some flares at Gap for a steal and admit I do think about the best way to wear them.

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