How We Encourage Imagination From The Start

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This post is brought to you by Mouse + Magpie and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own.

Living every single day of my life in a very creative role, it’s even more important to me to encourage our kids to use their imaginations and connect with their creativity. Believe me, I still have friends and family who really don’t understand what I do for a living and it’s important to me that our kids have a support that will inspire and push them to live their life walking down an imaginative path. Branden has always liked to create things like paper airplanes, build, mold creations from clay – and might even follow in my footsteps because he’s really interested in writing. For Blake, we work towards encouraging her imagination right from the start, too.

At this age, I think the best way to spark her imagination is through surrounding her with creative things right from the start. Her toys are always brightly colored and inspire problem solving skills, we let her to explore her palate through the foods she eats, and her room has been coated in whimsical scenes from our favorite store, Mouse + Magpie. 

Mouse + Magpie is a child inspired, adult curated collection of delightfully designed products and furnishings created specifically for little people with big imaginations. They partner with international artists and illustrators from around the world to exclusively design our one-of-a-kind products. Their artists are intent on putting imagination into the hearts of children and easy-to-implement designs into the hands of adults.  

Mouse + Magpie offers you the opportunity to choose a complete collection of artwork and products to start a new room design or to select just the right piece to breathe life into an existing space. Their bedroom collections feature a singular artist’s unique artwork. Purchasing a collection is convenient way to obtain the key pieces to decorate an entire nursery or bedroom, with products including: (1) framed art, (1) lamp, (1) clock, (1) lamp and (1) Sherpa blanket.

We chose the Magical Unicorn Ride Collection and are in awe every time we look at each detailed piece. They will soon be expanding their collections beyond bedrooms and nurseries to play rooms and bathrooms and I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

All products are exclusively designed by artists. Mouse + Magpie is actively growing their artist community who will create even more unique artwork – there’s always a reason to visit Mouse + Magpie to discover fresh, new artwork.

I can definitely see a twinkle in this little girl’s eyes every time we put her down to drift off into dreamland. This Magical Unicorn Ride Collection has created such a tranquil place for our little lady who I know will develop a strong sense of imagination with each passing year. Follow Mouse + Magpie on Instagram at

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  1. this is so cute and I love how you set up her room! Simplistic and serene 🙂

  2. I so love the colors, and the unicorn! So pretty! Creativity is important at any age 🙂

  3. First of all, your daughter is adorable!!! Second of all, yes, it’s essential to expose our children to all sort of imagination-triggers so their brain can develop in a lot of efficient ways 🙂

  4. I think it is so important to let kids wonder and imagine – it spurs out-the-box thinking and problem solving in a creative way. Love the decor, it is definitely something she can grow with.

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