How We Family

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**I have received information from the makers of TYLENOL®. The opinions stated are my own. This is a sponsored post.**

I’m sitting here writing and looking up at our dazzling Christmas tree, filled with holiday cheer. Chris is off to work and B is off to school and I’m left with some solitude to reflect on it all. While our family may look different to outsiders, and I am often questioned about whether I am the nanny or not since B is half black and half white, it’s the love that matters. Our hearts know nothing more than what we feel inside when we are all together.

brooklyn bridge

Being a blended family, I often feel like I am a vessel to share the message that it’s only the love that counts, nothing more. So, I’m so excited to be working with Tylenol this season and sharing their message of love in the #HowWeFamily campaign. Please check out their wonderful video that portrays this message better that I ever could through writing:

You can also view the video by clicking HERE.

The #HowWeFamily program showcases the story of 11 real American families, including one from spokesperson Gabrielle Union, which can also be seen at It’s a profound message to share with your family and friends this season, but to also keep in your heart year round.

As a whole, our country is in a volatile state, with people, opinions, and experiences pitting us against one another. While this isn’t something that can be fixed overnight, this message could help mend our rifts a lot. We can’t lose sight of what matters most, and I’m filled with joy as I watch this video on replay. Tylenol’s message is important is something we can all use as a little reminder this season. Joy and Love.

So tell me, how do you family?

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  1. You have such a beautiful family!

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