Hydration On The Go With ZeroWater

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We love our ZeroWater tumblers for easy hydration on the go and our Zerowater pitchers, at home, as part of our healthy life.

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Hydration On The Go With ZeroWater

I drink water like it is my second job. It is seriously so important to me and I have a glass next to me or in my hands all day long. Having water so accessible whenever we are at home definitely makes me take it for granted whenever we are on the go. After having Blake and needing to have access to fresh, clean water at all times (whether it was for hydrating myself to produce breast milk or clean water for a bottle) made me really yearn for a better solution than walking around until we could find bottled water while on the go. I happily found ZeroWater which solves all of our water problems whether we are at home or at the playground.

These ZeroWater Portable Tumblers are my absolute favorites! Whenever I know that we will be out of the house for a couple of hours or more, we make sure to pack these in the stroller and fill them whenever we pass a water fountain. I’m not a big fan of using water bottles either, so these are a great Eco-friendly solution. They are so easy to use (you literally just plop the filter inside) and the filters change colors so that you know when its time to change them. (You can buy Zerowater replacement filters here.)


And a total mom tip: these have helped us teach our little guy about the importance of water and hydration, too. So often kids just want to turn to sugary drinks and don’t realize the harm it’s doing for their bodies. Having these handy for long days throughout the city makes him more conscious about not only drinking enough, but the proces water goes through to get clean for us to consume.


So what sets ZeroWater apart from other filters? They offer a high performance water filtration through a patented 5-stage filter compared to most on the market that are only 2-stage. This means that they are able to remove virtually all solids that would be found in your water and leaves nothing but the perfect, drinkable water behind. Since we’re always worried about what’s going into our kiddos bodies, I also want to make you all aware that they are one of the only pour through filtration systems on the market that is NSF certified to meet standards for lead removal as well as other heavy metals.


Lastly, they have an amazing at-home filtration system as well, available through pitchers or dispensers (whatever suits your families needs best). These are great for moments at home whenever you need something refreshing (and clean!) to quench your thirst. Between Branden, Blake and busy schedules, we’re so thankful to have ZeroWater to turn to – a trusted source on always clean water to keep my family happy and healthy.

So tell me: how do you take your ZeroWater?

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**This is a sponsored post. As always, opinions are my own.**

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